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Alone in the Dark 2

by Malorie

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Original Thread: Alone in the Dark 2 - it has zombies and pirates and clowns in it


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Let's Play Alone in the Dark 2!

What is Alone in the Dark 2?
It's the sequel to Alone in the Dark 1, of course!
Well, kind of. It's pretty unrelated to AITD1, actually. There's no Hartwood family, no Derceto manor, no Cthulhu, and barely any commands.

Things it does include!:
- Edward Carnby, the barely-plot-related reject character from AitD1!
- Pirates! There was a pirate in AitD1!
- The same game engine!
- Awesome music!
- Action! Lots of action!
- Really. Lots and lots of action.

The game does eventually have a kind of charm to it though. It's hard to explain, but the cutscenes and animations are so dated that they end up being adorable.

For those late to the party, the AITD games are adventure/survival horror games that predate Resident Evil. Search around for items and clues, kill zombies, solve puzzles, you know the drill.

How will the LP be presented?
Just like last time, this is a Video LP with subtitled commentary. Updates will be once or twice a week, depending on how busy I am. It's a fairly short game, and I don't imagine there will be more than ten videos or so. I'll be leaving the books to the end of updates this time around, as I know some of you people are intimidated by reading.

Previous Games!
Let's Play Alone in the Dark! - The thread for the first game, released in 1992!
Let's Play Jack in the Dark! - An almost, but not quite, unrelated teaser game for AITD2!

On to the AITD2 videos!


Let's Play Jack in the Dark! - An almost, but not quite, unrelated teaser game for AITD2! Viddler FileFront
Part 1 - Heavy Breathing Viddler FileFront
Part 2 - The Paper Bag Trick Viddler FileFront
Part 2.5 - The Faster Way Into The Underground - Optional bonus video.Viddler FileFront
Part 3 - Moving On Up Viddler FileFront
Part 3.5 - Cook Book - Optional bonus video.Viddler FileFront
Part 4 - The Wine Bottle Trick Viddler FileFront
Part 5 - Hector Coward Viddler FileFront
Part 6 - One Eyed Jack Viddler FileFront
Part 7 - Elisabeth Jarret Viddler FileFront
Part 8 - An evil force field blocks the passage. Viddler FileFront
Part 9 - Carnby's Rampage Viddler FileFront
Part 10 - The Gunpowder Plot Viddler FileFront

Amazing artwork!

Dizzybone posted:

I wasn't sure about this game but the last update turned me around. I THINK I've finally figured this game out!

Do whatever the hell you wanna do Carnby.

Lasher posted:

Here, have a sketch.

Those fat guys remind me of the fat guy from Zelda.

Cheese Bread posted:

ScotchDK posted:

Cheese Bread posted:

I can't help but wonder what Carnby will do when he finishes murdering zombies and retires?

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