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Part 30: Episode 30: Italian Spy Villa


Tragically, there's not much to report about this outcome with Surkov. He's partnered with us but may or may not ever prove useful, and we never encountered Championchik again. We also didn't get to see possibly the best scene in the entire game. But hey, that's what veteran runs are for!

Meanwhile in Rome, it seems we're going to be doing a lot of eavesdropping on American agencies, with both an NSA and a CIA listening post to check out. We also got a brief introduction to someone Mike thinks will be the main villain of this hub: Conrad Marburg, a former Halbech employee now working for/with the VCI. No telling if SIE will make an appearance. We also finally got another mention of Shaheed, whom we let live way back in Saudi Arabia. He promised to help us out and hasn't shown up since. Maybe he'll make good on his promise here in Rome. Or maybe he'll never show up again and our ending will reflect how we got played by the most wanted man in the world.

But for now, we're off to the only dialogue mission available here: the NSA gelateria. Being a dialogue mission, we need to pick an attitude. Should Mike be Professional, Suave, or Aggressive with... uh... whoever it is we'll meet?

EDIT: Oh yeah, and vote on some style options for Rome.