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Original Thread: Alpha Protocol: If a Bond movie had a harem ending.



What is it?
To quote Wikipedia, "Alpha Protocol is a third-person espionage role-playing video game, developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Sega. The game revolves around the adventures of field agent Michael Thorton.... As Thorton is a trained CIA operative, the tools at the player's disposal include numerous firearms, hand to hand combat using Kenpo, and spy gadgets."

So how is it a role-playing game?
You start at level zero and gain experience points and levels throughout the game, that you can spend improving your skills and gaining new abilities. More importantly, there's a lot of dialogue in the game, and dialogue choices to make. Your choices and your relationships with NPCs can have a great effect upon the game.

Do we get to vote or anything?
Absolutely. I want this to be as interactive as possible. Readers will get the chance to vote on what approach to take to missions; combat missions will have votes for how stealthily or bloodily to do it, and dialogue-heavy missions will have votes on what attitude to take. You're also welcome to suggest how to change Thorton's appearance (to the extent possible). And at key points in the story, the video will end on a cliffhanger and the readers will have a chance to vote on what choice to make. Do not spoil anything if you've played this before. This LP is a spoiler-free zone.

Doesn't this game suck?
Not at all. It has a lot of potential that wasn't met, and some technical issues that can be frustrating. That does not mean it sucks. In fact, that means it's pretty much a typical Obsidian game. Besides, the whole point of watching an LP means you don't have to suffer through the technical issues.

So what's this about a harem ending?
Okay, it's not really a harem ending. There are multiple romance options in the game. However, unlike certain other games that rhyme with Pass Defect, Alpha Protocol's romance options are non-exclusive. You can score with any or all of the women available. Naturally, there's an achievement for getting them all in one playthrough.

In case there's a shred of doubt about it, absolutely no spoilers are allowed, not even ones in spoiler tags. Everyone has to make their votes just with the information given by the game so far.

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