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Part 2: Episode 2: We Spare No Butterfly Clichés


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I didn't have time to mention it among all the , but Darcy likes the Suave/casual approach, Parker likes the Professional approach, and Westridge likes the Aggressive/no-nonsense approach. Westridge's blather is going to be our tutorial on (UNMARKED SPOILERS) dialogue and dossiers, so once that's done in the next update, I'll post the dossiers we end up with and start taking votes for how to treat people.

Speaking of votes, right now we have our first meaningful dialogue vote! Why did our Michael Thorton volunteer for all this?
-The action of having a license to kill and using it on every fucker we come across? Those orphans won't create themselves, after all.
-The thrills of globe-hopping, sexy cars and beautiful women? That harem perk won't earn itself.
-The sense of duty to God and country? Freedom isn't free, we have to fight them over there so we don't fight them over here, Terrorism!, et cetera.

We also gained a level, which gives us 10 AP to play with, but we also had 4 left over from level 1 and a couple spare AP from perks. So let's have our first vote on what skill to raise. Vote for one skill right now, since we've yet to have a rundown on them yet (it's coming, I swear), and the winner gets a rank. Skill options are:
-Assault Rifles
-Technical Aptitude
-Martial Arts