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Part 3: Episode 3: The Agency Made Me LP This


My god but that was a lot of words. Fortunately we're done with entire videos of words... well, at least until our first dialogue mission. But at least it showed off the fact that Westridge prefers the aggressive approach.

Here's our mission summary for the Graybox tutorial:

And here are the long-awaited dossiers!

And finally, here are the new emails we got in Saudi Arabia:

We actually have two more options now with emails: Download and Reply. Only certain emails have them; Download refers to when an email contains money or intel, and Reply lets you send a short, pregenerated response using one of three options. Usually the options are just Aggressive/Suave/Professional, but there is one set of emails I'll call for a vote on when they come up.

Speaking of voting, we have three things to vote on already! Please put your votes in bold so I can count them up more easily.
-Skill: Once again, we have enough AP for any two skills, so vote for one skill to get a rank. The top two vote-getters will get a rank.
-Mission: Our options are to bug the airfield Shaheed has been known to use, investigate the stockpile of weapons (which is the mission Darcy's email refers to), or intercept Nasri, the arms dealer suspected of selling the missiles to Al-Samad.
-Approach: All the missions are action/combat/fun-shooty-time missions, so vote on whether to do it with stealth or with obscene amounts of murder. Stealth will involve the pistol and takedowns (and some martial arts when that fails). Murder will be one of the heavier guns, along with lethal takedowns if I ever sneak up on anyone. Each murder mission will feature a different weapon, so that they all get shown off.