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Alpha Protocol

by CirclMastr

Part 4: Episode 4: "I'm gonna shoot you all and carry your entire shipment out on my back"

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The good thing about the combat missions is that I have time to actually explain game mechanics for people who don't know them. Today's lesson is about Health vs. Endurance!

More importantly, we end on a cliffhanger! Nasri's fate lies in our hands, and we have a moral quandary before us. We've got three choices:
-We can extort him for his offer of money and guns. As Thorton said, monitoring him afterward could lead us to the buyers, which would be good. But that's no sure thing, and is that potential greater good worth leaving a major arms dealer in business?
-We can arrest him for truth, justice, and the American way. It would shut down his operation, but enhanced interrogation may take too long to get any useful information out of him.
-We can shoot him. It fits the bloodthirsty murder-machine Thorton has been so far this mission. Besides, technically Alpha Protocol doesn't exist, Thorton isn't in Saudi Arabia, and Nasri's a bad guy. If Nasri mysteriously turns up dead, who is going to cry over it?