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Part 5: Episode 5: The X Makes it Sound Cool

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So we created 50 Marine casualties. But we got $15,000 and supposedly useful intel! That had to be worth it, right? Right?

Well anyway, here's the mission summary for those who don't want to try to read it in the video:

And we also got some emails!

So, it seems Nasri lied about the missiles being sold to anonymous buyers. He clearly is working closely with Al-Samad. (Don't tell me you missed the fact that the guard we intimidated last video had Al-Samad's emblem on his bandana.) He also talks about two sources: a connection in Moscow, and a "primary source". Hmmm...

Remember last time (or was it two times ago?) that I mentioned some emails can be replied to? Well I replied to Mina earlier with a Professional attitude (AKA common courtesy) and this is what I got back. It's generic enough for now but later on these will get more amusing.

On the technical side of things, this video was successfully encoded with MeGUI! It doesn't make a lot of difference here, but in the next mission it should be noticeably lacking in awful blurring.

But hey, more importantly it's voting time! We've got a ton of AP and it's time we spend it. And we also have another mission to do and some way to do it! So here's what I need from you guys:
-Mission: Do we investigate the weapon stockpile or bug the airfield?
-Approach: Should we have more murder or a stealth change of pace?
-Skills: We have enough AP to grab four skills, so let's grab four skills. Please vote in four numbered slots to see what we upgrade. The winner of each slot will get a skill point. Multiple votes for the same skill are allowed. If you want to be absolutely sure we max out Stealth for that sweet Master Awareness skill, you can vote for Stealth four times. (Because there are only 3 available upgrades for Stealth, if it wins all four then the second place slot 4 skill will get an upgrade.) Hopefully this is exactly complicated enough.