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Part 6: Episode 6: Glitch the Al-Samad Airfield

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Between the guards frozen in place, the guards who didn't spawn at all, and the guards who suddenly popped in, I think this video gives a pretty good demonstration of just how buggy the game can be on a regular basis. These aren't even the horror story glitches!

You may have noticed during the briefing, we had a chat option with Mina called "Dossier". This can come up with a lot of people, and it's not very explicit in what it does. To explain: "Dossier" is an option that only shows up if you've collected a certain amount of dossier intel on a person. It is always meant to ask or talk to that person about something you found out about them - not other people - in their dossier. As such, it is considered a bonus option, and is (almost) always a good option to pick. Given the chance, I'll usually pick Dossier when it comes up, but in conversation missions I'll try to stick to the vote.

Here's the mission summary for those who don't want to read it in-video:

We also got a boatload of intel, most of it additions to old files, so I'm only posting the new information here.

Elite Al-Samad guards have red ski masks! This is a shocking revelation that would never have been known to us except we're shown it this mission and I'm pretty sure I pointed it out in one of the videos already.

Another shocking revelation, we're not supposed to kill CIA agents. This in no way foreshadows some encounter with CIA agents later in the game.

Now this is interesting. Apparently there's a European cell led by someone named Jibril Al-Bara, and he's gone into hiding. More foreshadowing, or just flavor text for the background?

Oh hey, Darcy's dad is that Senator from the news report. That would explain why he's bitter about not being able to go on missions; he's sheltered.

Mina's dossier info is pretty much what she told us in the briefing. Though, in the briefing, she said she worked with Parker in Milan, to find the missing missiles. Her dossier says that they were working independently, and weren't even aware of one another's presence. Hmmm...

We also got two new emails, but they're pretty boring.

Anyway, what you're really here to do is vote! I'm sure some of you are dying to go get Shaheed right away and some are more interested in the weapon stockpile. Well, the first group is going to be disappointed, because this is a false dilemma. Nothing changes about Shaheed's mission if you do it right away or complete the other mission first, whichever it is. So the next mission will be to investigate the stockpile.

But, we do have two things to vote on, so don't be too disappointed. Firstly, should we go in hot and murder our way through, or should we sneak in and investigate with stealth?

Secondly, you may recall a previous email from Darcy regarding this mission. He's going to be our handler for this mission, and unlike Mina, he's not a romance option. He's also kind of a douche. So should we play it casual to stay on his good side, get aggressive and take him down a peg, or put our personal feelings aside and act like a professional?