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Part 7: Episode 7: This Scripted Sequence Will Self-Destruct

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The failure video is coming later too much failure to fit in a reasonable video, so screw it.

I really hate trying to stealth through that last part. You people and your votes! But anyway, we are rewarded for the no-kill part with the reaction everyone wanted:

And here's the mission summary:

Meanwhile, we picked up two new pieces of intel in that mission.

Wow. "EMPs disable security devices." That's a fucking brilliant hint I couldn't have lived without, game. Thank you.

Meanwhile, Halbech's revenues have taken a dive since the Cold War. Considering that, conservatively, we can guess a revenue slowdown for at least a decade, I don't blame the Board of Directors for being unhappy with Leland. But, now that terrorists have their hands on advanced weapons like the Halbech missiles, the company's expensive defense systems could be in big demand soon.

But who cares about plot when there's shit to vote on! We only have one mission left in Saudi Arabia, and that's to get those missiles back and kill Shaheed. (Yes, we have been ordered to kill him. Go back to Episode 2 if you've forgotten.) So there's just one thing two things left to vote on. Do we:
-Murder our way through Shaheed's remaining forces to get to him?
-Stealth our way sneakily past his defenses?
Remember, we've already taken out his elite bodyguards and destroyed his weapon caches, but that hardly means this will be a walk in the park.

Also, vote for one skill you want to be raised. The top two vote-getters will each get a point. If you vote for two skills, I'll only take your first vote.