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Part 8: Episode 8: Apply Directly to the Forehead

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So, we finally meet Shaheed in person, sporting the latest hipster look of sunglasses with one missing lens. We also finally have most of the main plot spelled out for those who didn't pick up on it earlier: Halbech provided the missiles to Al-Samad directly, and is the "primary source" mentioned in one of the emails concerning Nasri. There are still a few details to be revealed, of course, so let's just leave that discussion there.

The gold-plated assault rifle we got from killing Shaheed's guard is one of a set of gold-plated weapons. It's also the only one you're guaranteed to get; most major enemies give you the option to execute them or not, like with Nasri. You only get the gold-plated weapons if you actually kill them. Also, because some enemies (like Shaheed's guard) always die in a cutscene or with no option to spare them, it's impossible to do an entire playthrough without killing anyone. Lastly, note that it is possible to sneak up on Shaheed's guard and perform an instant-win takedown, but the cutscene still has Thorton killing him.

But hey, who cares about all that when there's stuff to vote on! First, we gained another level, so we have plenty of AP for two more skill points. Vote for one skill and the top two vote-getters will each get a point.

Secondly, we need to vote on how to treat Leland during the interrogation scenes. I picked the Duty option this time because you guys voted Duty as the reason we signed up. But now that you've met him and it's obvious he's a bad guy, I'm taking votes on how to handle him.
-Aggressive responses because he's a bad guy, duh!
-Casual responses because he's a guy in a suit and we're a badass secret agent. We don't take people seriously when we could snap their neck any time we want.
-Professional responses because we're a professional spy and we don't lose our cool over some guy in a suit.
-Fourth option whenever possible just to be a dick. This time it was 'Silence' and that does come up some more, as well as other potentially fun responses. If this gets the most votes, I'll default to the second-place option when there is no fourth response.

Lastly, we need to vote on what to do with our friend Shaheed here.
-Arrest him for truth, justice, and the American way. (Despite being a bin Laden stand-in, no word on any $25 million bounty on his head.)
-Let him go to gather more evidence against Halbech and potentially be an ally in the future. If he really does honor a promise given.
-Execute him because we're doing this for DUTY! Also he's a TERRORIST! Also MURDER IS FUN!