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by CirclMastr

Part 9: Episode 9: Terror? I Barely Know Her!


"What's that? You and the missiles are standing right here? Can you move onto the giant red X for me?" Hurrah for betrayal and a near miss(ile). But we're alive, we've got Mina on our side, and it's blatantly obvious that we're going to get in her pants. And speaking of getting into women's pants, we're going to meet a redhead soon! So if you're a fan, that's something to look forward to.

Meanwhile, we have to decide what threat we should investigate first:
-Moscow's weapon trafficking
-Rome's Al-Samad cell
-Taipei's assassination plot
The order we go after them matters. Completing objectives, meeting people, and generally raising a fuss in one locale can and will affect other locales. So vote wisely!