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Part 10: Episode 10: Sleepin' on a Jet Plane


Quick poll: How many people think Flirtatious Mike should be taken out and shot?

Anyway, we meet Scarlet Lake in this video, and I decided to show off the reasons behind the "should just mace himself to save time" sentiment. Scarlet responds to Casual and some Professional options, and is something of a foil to Mina in that regard (who responds to Professional and some Casual). Not that we'll ever see Mina respond again because we already maxed her out.

Also, we got emails!

Either Scarlet needs to proofread her emails, or Obsidian needs to work on their proofreading. Either way, there's a valuable lesson here: social networking sites suck.

We also got an email from Shaheed, basically saying we shouldn't expect to hear from him in a while. Either he is leading us on and is totally never going to contact us again, or he's going to take his sweet-ass time to actually honor his promise.

And we got another miscellaneous email from Mina. Another of many, many chances to influence her friendship/hatred of us. Naturally I responded positively because we are getting that harem perk, damnit!

You also get to see the outfit we have now. We haven't started any mission yet so there's still time to vote on how Thorton should look if you want. Personally I prefer the Razor sunglasses for maximum douche, but it's a subjective thing.

We also need a mission to go on! So vote on what to do:
-Contact Hong Shi (dialogue mission) to see if he'll provide info on Halbech's money laundering.
-Investigate the Warehouse District Data Trail (combat mission) to follow up Shaheed's lead.
-Contact Steven Heck (dialogue mission) to find out what - if anything - he knows about the assassination plot.

And please remember