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Part 11: Episode 11: Introducing Steven Heck


I really don't think I can say anything about Steven Heck that would add to what you just saw there. So let's get right to the (absurd) number of emails that collect from consecutive "Contact [someone]" missions.

Scarlet's in Taipei, it seems, so we should get an opportunity or two to 'meet up' with her and raise our 'influence'.

Meeting with Steven lets us buy stuff from him. Once you leave Saudi Arabia, a lot of your shopping options go away, and you need to meet contacts to reopen them (and access even better stuff).

Not surprisingly, Sean Darcy has a giant chip on his shoulder over Mike.

Oh that wacky CIA. They get into almost as much antics as Wen!

It seems that the mission at the NSB Grand Hotel will have some info on Steven Heck that he wants us to delete. The question is, will the goonmind want to delete it?

More Clearinghouse goodies. Goodie.

This is possibly the most useless email in the game. Nobody gives a shit about the habits of three Triad targets who we'll identify by the arrows over their heads anyway.

But hey, enough email, let's see what our precious dollars bought as far as intel goes!

It seems Hong Shi lied to us (big shocker there) about why his men defected. Mr. Hong is apparently putting Shaheed over profits.

Steven Heck may or may not be insane, but it seems he has actually killed people in ridiculous ways before. Apparently the dry cleaning business doesn't pay that well, since he sells secrets on the side for extra money.

And lastly, there was actually a positive result of being Professional with Steven:


Anyway, that was a pretty big infodump. Let's have some voting instead! We've got three missions to pick from now:
-We can investigate that warehouse data trail from Shaheed's PDA.
-Or we can gather NSB intelligence from the Grand Hotel with the potential help of Steven Heck.
-Lastly, we can be Hong Shi's lapdog and kill the Triad members in exchange for what he knows.

Also, as long as we're voting, should we delete the files on Steven Heck or leave them intact? Note that I'm going to stick to the Professional attitude because that's what was voted on earlier. We can be Heck's crazy buddy on the Veteran playthrough if you want.