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Part 12: Episode 12: Now That's a Knife

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Seriously, what is with the pacing of the checkpoints in this level? Anyway, as you can see, while Mike has various martial arts takedown moves, all his lethal takedown moves are a knife to the throat.

Thanks to the annoying auto-turret fire over the mission summary, I didn't stop long enough to show off the Orphans Created stat. It was 34 orphans for 34 deaths. Every single Triad member was a single father of an only child, apparently.

We also got a couple emails.

Scarlet pesters us again. It seems like we've gotten a lot of meaningless email from her, but we really haven't. It only seems that way because we picked the Taiwan hub first; if you go through the other hubs, you may well have forgotten about meeting Scarlet on the plane after Saudi Arabia. So the game throws an email your way in Taipei to remind you that she exists.

Of course, we probably didn't need a reminder that Sean Darcy exists and is a prick. Hell, we still have that photoshopped buddy cop movie poster in our safehouse.

And here's what we know about Omen Deng so far. Nothing special in the text other than "ooh he's scary". More telling is the bio information. He's Taiwanese, but a member of the Chinese Secret Police? That's odd.

What isn't odd is that I'm now going to tell you it's voting time! First off, we gained a level with enough AP for two skills. So vote for one skill as usual, with the top two getting a new rank.

Secondly, we have two options for our next mission:
-Investigate the warehouse district data trail finally, or
-Hit the Grand Hotel to dig up intel from the NSB database.

And finally, we of course have the choice to use stealth or murder to do the mission. The only unexplored option on the murder list is SMGs, so that's on tap for whenever murder wins a vote.

Reminder: Stealth-murder falls under the murder category, counting as pistols. So there's no point in explicitly voting for stealth-murder, as the next murder is guaranteed to use SMGs.