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Part 62: Episode 62: Best Death Ever


Half of Mike's harem is dead now, we got the last trophy weapon, and we even managed to max out Mina's reputation. All in all, a productive episode!

For those of you too young to know why Brayko's death is the best death ever, it is a direct reference to this scene from The Breakfast Club. The joke was made up by Judd Nelson and doesn't have a punchline. While I personally don't really care for The Breakfast Club, it is so quintessentially 80's and such a perfect scene to crib for Brayko's death, it's just a brilliant way to cap off Brayko's character. I know Steven Heck gets all the adoration, but come on, how can you not love Brayko?

To top it off, this still isn't the best scene with Brayko. That will have to wait for the highlight reel.