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Part 18: Episode 18: Spy vs. Spy

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You'd think that with about 50 Chinese Secret Police officers backing up Omen Deng, they could just open up on the stage with their assault rifles and dispense with the elaborate sniping plan. That much gunfire would pretty much have to hit President Sung sooner or later AND it would trigger a riot in the crowd. Of course, then there'd be no level for the player to play through.

Omen Deng is the first real boss fight of the game, and it proves one thing: Shadow Operative is trumped by Master Awareness every time. Can you imagine playing this far without it? I don't even want to think about how hard that would be. Meanwhile, Sung gave his speech but it didn't show up in the subtitles. It happens sometimes and the only way to fix it is to reload from a safehouse checkpoint, and I'm not about to replay the entire level just to get that working when everything else is glitched and left in.

Now, Omen Deng's fate is in our hands: do we execute him here and now, or interrogate him based on his dossier?

We also might as well have the vote on where to go next while we're at it. So are we headed to Rome to check out its Al-Samad cell, or Moscow and its weapon dealers?

(We did gain two levels in this video, but we'll save that skill vote for later.)