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Part 19: Episode 19: An Ill Omen


Well well, wasn't THAT a surprise! Well I guess it wasn't, to everyone who has played this before. In any case, we managed to save Ronald Sung's life, but at what cost? With riots and unrest coupled with anti-PRC sentiment, it seems we haven't done much to hinder Leland's plan. Either the surviving President Sung will rein in the chaos and Leland will get his cold war, or momentum will carry Asia into open warfare. Way to go, Mike!

First thing's first: mission summary!

Next, let's go over all those perks we got:

Third, emails!

Just like in real life, Osama's death is the talk of the town.

Scarlet's apparently stuck covering the riots, and we didn't even get to bone her (yet)!

And just in case it wasn't painfully obvious, Halbech plans to profit on both sides of the conflict it has created. Yet we still get paid for this scoop. Oh well.

Fourthly, dossier intel!

The VCI is a PMC with an apparent hate-on for Thorton. Given the complexity around every other plot element in the game, clearly this is just a cartoonishly evil PMC and nothing special will come up about them.

And here's Grigori's file. Just like Mina said, he looks apt to sell info about Mike as much as sell info to Mike.

Last, but certainly not least, is Ushanka Mike.

I'm open to suggestions for eyewear, of course.

At LONG LAST we get to the end of the update, and the call for votes. So, should we be professional to Grigori, suave as hell, or just aggressively force him to talk?

We've got 25 AP and we're only 825 XP away from our next level, so there's a lot of skill voting now and more to come. I'm going to raise four skill ranks and, to allow purchasing multiple ranks of the same skill (like say Stealth or Pistols), I would like everyone to vote in four different slots. E.g.
1. Stealth
2. Stealth
3. Toughness
4. Martial Arts

The highest vote-getter for each individual slot will get a rank. So if you really want a particular skill, stack all your votes on that skill. If you want a variety, vote for a variety.