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Part 20: Episode 20: Mikhail Thorton


I'm not sure what it says about the goonmind that you're so in tune with drunken Russians. Regardless, we're in his good graces for now and it seems he won't sell us out. We'll have the chance to get in his even gooder graces when we investigate the weapon shipments at the trainyard, if we dabble in black marketeering. So let's vote on it!

We can either redirect the weapon shipment Grigori told us about, or we can destroy it because they're, y'know, black market weapons and will end up in the hands of some criminal.

Speaking of which, where should we go next? We can either investigate the weapon shipment at Leningradski station and take care of Grigori's request right away, or we can assault Lazo's yacht and find out what the mob underboss knows about any Halbech connections to the weapons trade here.

For a variety of reasons, foremost of which being that I only have 3 or 4 tranq rounds left, I'm going to go ahead with the murder route on the next mission. Keep that in mind when you vote!