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Part 21: Episode 21: Quick and Efficient

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I think I complained enough about SMGs in the video, so instead let's talk about SIE. Needless to say, she's a romance option, for the guys who like German women, or amazons, or women whose hair clips through their hat. Mike's armor also clips out during the cutscenes quite a bit here, making me wish there was a David Hasselholf look I could give him to make it perfectly appropriate to the scene. As I said in the video, we may or may not work with SIE again. It'll be up for a vote, but don't worry - we can still have sex with her even if we don't work with her again.

We found out Halbech didn't ship the missiles through Moscow; frankly, we already could figure that out given Nasri's "primary source" talk back in Saudi Arabia. Halbech gave the missiles directly to Al-Samad. Of course, that doesn't mean Halbech doesn't trade other weapons through Moscow; gotta supply both sides of a conflict somehow, right? And it made Grigori happier with us, which may lead to intel further down the line.

Following this mission, we got an email from Mina, with a choice that demands a vote:

We can tell her to investigate Parker, Westridge, or Darcy. So which will it be: the man with the plan, the man in charge, or the manchild with the tiny penis?

We only have one mission available, and I still have no tranq ammo, but now that I've shown all the weapons off, you can vote on how we murder our way onto the mob underboss Lazo's yacht:
-Pistols (better known as Stealth-murder)
-SMGs (better known as Don't-Vote-This)
-Shotguns (better known as Boomsticks)
-Assault Rifles (better known as ARs)

We also reached level 11, and with 14 AP we can buy two skills. So vote for one skill and the top two finishers get a rank.