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Part 22: Episode 22: Introducing Hookers

Hookers being a vital element to every game. Games that don't have hookers are lessened by the lack.


The name of Lazo's yacht, on the back of the boat at the start of the mission, is "Probeda" (meaning "Victory"). However, with the first two characters missing, it reads "Beda" (meaning "Trouble"). It is allegedly a reference to 'Adventures of Captain Vrungel', but it is certainly a reference to Lazo as well as Mike, whose victory turns to trouble with the arrival of G22.

Now, if we had done Moscow first, or simply this mission before the warehouse data trail investigation in Taipei, we'd have no idea who the Sam Fischer clones or the punk girl are. As it stands, we already know something about G22, and already got one piece of intel on Sis. Way to spoil it for yourselves, voters.

Of course, just because we know who she is doesn't mean we can't kill her anyway. She's not a romance option (she's 16 you pervs) so what good is she, right? Sure, Albatross might be upset about it, but that's what future conversations are for, to fix our reputation!

So what say you, goons? Do we spare Sis despite shooting at us for no reason, or do we execute her despite knowing she's ostensibly on our side?