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Part 23: Episode 23: Sibling Attraction


I'm sure you can understand my not taking a vote on whether we get new store items or not. Especially when those items include the best stealth armor in the game. I'd also like to point out that whenever I see Sis just open her mouth like that at the end of that second conversation, it reminds me of some Jurassic Park dinosaur opening its mouth to hiss or spit acid or something.

Now, some of you may be wondering why I didn't pick that Locket option when talking to Albatross. It gives you some more background on the locket Sis gave Mike, but it also hurts your reputation with Albatross. In fact, it hurts it exactly as much as if you'd executed her. We can explore that in a later run.

Meanwhile, we also got some emails I skipped over. Firstly, Mina got back to us about Parker:

I also missed screenshotting an email SIE sent us, so here's our aggressive reply and her response:

Lastly, Grigori contacted us about those weapons we sent his way, and we had a good laugh together:

Of course, I also promised an intel dump, so here are our new dossiers thus far:

About Albatross, we learn... exactly what he told us. Yawn.

Sis is somewhat more interesting. Still, bad Mike, no touch!

And here he is, the man of the hour: Sergei Surkov. Grigori pointed us his way, way back at the start of the Moscow hub, and we finally tracked him down. We're going to intercept him at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow, presumably during some sort of business meeting.

Now, we do have a few things to vote on. Sadly, I didn't gain a level so there's no skill vote. But, we do have to vote on how to tackle the mission. Now that you all know what I've been hoping to save up for (the best stealth armor), I'm opening Stealth back up as an option. Just be aware that Stealth means I have to spend precious dollars on tranq ammo.

So do I stealth my way there, or murder my way there (your choice of shotgun or assault rifle)? Keep in mind also, this won't involve shooting U.S. personnel. That pisses off Mina and we're still need to bone her.

On top of that, for the first time we have a choice of handler! Who do we want on our side when we head to the Embassy: SIE or Albatross? If you don't choose before midnight, I blow them both up!