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Part 24: Episode 24: Casual Conversation with Surkov


Yeah, that was a simple dialogue mission, wasn't it? It was a shame they stuck it in the same level as a combat that seriously overstays its welcome.

I briefly touched on it in the video, but you may notice toward the bottom of that mission summary that it says we defeated the VCI's Stryker vehicle. If this was the original 'boss fight' at the end, I am extremely glad it was cut. Not only would it have dragged out the level even more, it would have been a pointless rehash of the Shaheed fight.

I also briefly touched on the fact that it makes no sense for the VCI to be trying to capture or kill Surkov. I'll come back to that topic later, after the Moscow hub is done, but even then my thoughts are just inference. The game never really justifies it.

So! Our next mission is a dialogue mission with Surkov. I went with a professional approach during the mission because that's been our 'default' approach so far, but now you have a chance to change how we treat him. Do we stick with professional, play it casual now that we're not being shot at, or aggressively demand answers?

We also gained a level, so it's skill voting time! Vote for ONE skill, and the top two finishers will get a rank.

The voting period will be extended for the sake of getting the Youtube version up.