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Part 25: Episode 25: Mike Whips It Out


Well, it looks like we have our villain for this hub: Konstantin Brayko. It also looks like the Professional option with Leland isn't always the best choice, since it resulted in telling him about Albatross and G22. We'll see where that takes us.

Meanwhile, here's our mission summary, reminding us about Championchik and how utterly pathetic Mike looked by trying to whip out his e-peen. Or Olym-peen, perhaps.

In any case, we've got 7 AP left floating in our pool, so let's spend it: vote for one skill and the winner gets the rank.

We're also going to assault Brayko's mansion for the next mission. Based on previous gameplay experience and previous choices, I am confident in my stealth-murder abilities here. So vote for stealth-murder/pistol and knife, Golden Gun assault rifle, or shotguns.

No, you can't vote for SMGs. Fuck them and fuck you if you want to vote for them.