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Part 17: Episode 17: The Needs of the One


It's a short episode, even including the discussion with Ronald Sung. And the interrogation room (which, sadly, lacked any 4th options). The calm before the storm, in a sense, since our next mission is to go to the political rally and stop Omen Deng ourselves.

But first, emails!

A question from Mina about a 'DV' server at Alpha Protocol. Foreshadowing about the 'Kill Mike with missiles in Saudi Arabia' plot thread?

Secondly, some lesbian action from Scarlet in response to that second Halbech data we sent her.

And lastly, confirmation from Mina (as if the maxed out Reputation wasn't enough) that she wants to jump our bones.

So, there's just one mission left, and one question for you to answer: do we go after Omen Deng with guns blazing, or try to sneak through the level?