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Part 16: Episode 16: The Man with a Cape

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All those deaths at the end are your fault, goons. You wanted me in civvies to hear one line from Omen Deng, and you paid the price for it. Anyway, here's our mission summary:

More importantly, this episode ends with a cliffhanger! Important plot vote ahead! Do we want Mina to salvage the files on the assassination plot, or the plot to plant instigators in the crowd to start riots? Which evidence is more important? Do the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one?

Also up for a vote: since our next mission is a dialogue-only mission to contact Ronald Sung, I'm going to put that in the same video as the cliffhanger resolution. So what stance should we take for the President: Professional covert operative, Suave secret agent, or Aggressive black ops soldier?