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Part 15: Episode 15: When Stealth Runs Go Bad

Let's preface this with our reply to Steven Heck re: that huge sentence about bank foreclosures being a government land grab:

But on to the video!

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So yeah, that's what happens when you delete the files on Heck. Also, Mike Thorton is now a Pistol God. Not an immortal god (yet), but getting there. Have a mission summary for your reward!

Next up we're going to intercept the assassination plans at a Chingmei subway line. There's going to be some person there to intercept; we know the Chinese Secret Police (and thus, almost certainly Omen Deng) will be on one side of the transfer, and we know the NSB has at least tried to infiltrate one side of the transfer. It's far from a complete picture, but if we can prevent the transfer or even just listen in on it, we'll be zeroed in to stop the assassin.

All that's left is the voting. So vote for one skill to raise, and vote for sneaky-sneak or SMGs.