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Part 14: Episode 14: Three Minute Egghead


So Mike gives up some intel for the good graces of baldy. And since Albatross did admit to watching Shaheed and Halbech, there could very well have been some juicy intel to be had. But here's our mission summary:

It's pretty clear by now that the exchange somewhere in the subway involves a person. Apparently this person is to be handed off to the assassin to give the particulars of when and how to kill Ronald Sung. Also, we know from Hong Shi that the Triads were approached by one side of this exchange that either is secretly the NSB or has been infiltrated by the NSB. Clearly Taiwan is already investigating this without Mike's help. But "sit back and watch the NSB try to prevent it" would make for a boring level in Taipei, so Agent Douche is involving himself anyway.

Anyway, it's time for emails!

This is the first of a new type of email we'll be getting from time to time. Basically, Mike has forwarded himself a damning email he found on Halbech that is unrelated to the whole "Halbech is going to cause World War 3" thing. We have a Reply option here with three choices:
-We can forward it to Scarlet, being that she's a journalist and all. This improves our reputation with her and gets us some money.
-We can forward it to the Clearinghouse black market to be sold in true capitalist fashion. This gets us some money.
-We can forward it to the Halbech executive himself and blackmail him. This also gets us some money but implicitly means this evil deed won't get exposed to the public.

I would take a vote on all three options, but really there are only two. Scarlet gives us +1 Reputation and $1,000. The black market gives us $10,000. Blackmail gives us $15,000. So the only reason to send it to the black market is if you hate Scarlet but also hate money.

Mina also sends us this email, just in case we have the attention span of a gnat and have completely forgotten what every Taipei mission has told us so far.

Lastly, we get this email from Heck. Like some emails from Mina and Scarlet, we can reply to this in a Professional/Suave/Aggressive manner to influence our reputation with Heck. Do remember that just because we ended up a bit negative in our first meeting with someone doesn't mean that we are doomed to them not liking us. But, the general consensus of the thread has been to save Heck's adoration for the Veteran run, so that's what we'll do.

Now it's time for what everyone loves and hates: voting. We've got 15 AP so everyone vote for two skills. The top three will get a point, unless we end up with Stealth and two weapon skills (which we barely can't afford) in which case just the top two get ranks.

I was going to take a vote on whether to blackmail Halbech or feed Scarlet info from that email, but screw it. We're going to bed with Scarlet, so I'm going to feed her info until our reputation is high enough, and then go for the money. That harem perk won't earn itself.

EDIT: Yeah I forgot that I'm an idiot.