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Part 43: Episode 43: Veteran Asshole Murdering Mike the Misogynist

At long last.


I skipped most of the orientation bits because they play out exactly the same only easier, thanks to higher skill ranks. I also didn't realize I got the Veteran perk until I was recording commentary, so you get to hear me talk a bit about why the Recruit perk is better.

I'll also allow some flexibility in the vet look, but the beret is sacrosanct, and Mike needs to be wearing some kind of glasses. Otherwise if you have a strong preference, go ahead and let me know.

In general there's going to be a lot less voting, simply because we have a style picked out and I already know what I need to do. Namely, murder people. And have sex with as many women as I can before murdering them. Because of that, I'm going to try to make as many episodes as I can before the Christmas rush murders my free time, and to prevent any more month-long gaps between episodes.

For that reason (the murdering one, not the episodes-in-advance one), we're going after Nasri first so I can murder him.