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Part 41: Episode 41: Yakety Sex

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Yeah, that was a lot of words (with a dash of sex at the end), but we're finally ready to return to Alpha Protocol. We've got gear, we've got allies, we've got max Stealth and will have max Pistols before the end. There's only one thing left to do: kick ass and take names (and then leave the names alive apparently).

Oh, and vote. In fact, it's a Massive Finale Mega-Vote! And like earlier votes, I'm making you vote on things you won't understand. Unless you've played the game, in which case no spoilers still applies. So let's get to voting!

-Appearance! How should Thorton look for his return to Alpha Protocol? Beard, hat, glasses, etc., go nuts.

-Our Professional attitude has impressed Leland, possibly giving us the option to ally with Halbech or not. Should we (if we can)?

-Conrad Marburg may hate us, but we do have a lot of intel on him. In fact, it might even be enough to make him betray Leland! Should we turn Marburg if we can, or tell him off instead?

-There are some people we need to talk to, but we won't have time to chat with everyone. Who is more important to contact: Alan Parker or Omen Deng?

-Of course, it's the final mission, so we're going to have a final boss. I can't tell you who, partially because of spoilers, but also because all these votes can affect who it is! But this is Alpha Protocol so I'm sure we'll get a chance to either execute the final boss or spare his/her/its life. So what'll it be?

That's a lot of votes so I'm giving it a couple days before I add them up, and it's going to be one epic final (rookie) episode so expect it to take some time to make and upload a long finale.