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Part 28: Episode 28: Reagan Smash


So the final boss of Moscow is revealed to have an optional, actual final boss level afterward. Next up, we're going to track Surkov down and give him what for! I mean, yeah, we could just skip it and go straight to Rome, since the hub is officially over now, but it wouldn't be much of an LP if I left out content. Especially when that content (potentially) has one of the best scenes in the entire game.

Up on the voting block, we have to decide how to tackle Surkov: a shotgun suplex, an assault rifle clothesline, or a pistol chair-to-the-back-of-the-head.

We also have a plethora of AP to spend, so we're going to have three-tier voting for what skills to buy. (E.g.
1. Stealth
2. Stealth
3. SMGs because I want to get banned)
Top vote-getters in each slot get a rank. It's worth bearing in mind that we're 4 ranks away from maxing out Stealth.