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Part 27: Episode 27: Turn Up the Radio


So the level ends with a few auto-alert guards, but I'm still pretty happy with my stealth performance. We also near the end discover that Brayko was in fact Surkov's protege, and not just some random ambitious mobster. Why didn't Surkov mention that, especially since he already confessed to being Halbech's initial contact?

Which leads to the decision at the end of the video. Surkov named Brayko as Halbech's new contact in Moscow; now Brayko is claiming Surkov is still Halbech's contact, and that he pushed Brayko out of the deal. So what shall we do, goons? Do we execute Brayko and his bad fashion sense, or do we spare Brayko and try to confront Surkov about all this? If that's even still possible.