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Part 38: Episode 38: Deus Vult in Ruins

Pardon the pun.


You can also download the commentary-free version of the level.

So, we did and found quite a lot about Madison in this mission. And we stopped Deus Vult from doing whatever it was they were trying to do in the ruins. But now we know what Marburg is up to; I commented earlier about the pertinent events, but luckily enough, finding all of Madison's intel lets the game spell it out for me.

It's been a while, but it's finally time for some voting! We gained a level, so vote for one skill and the top two will get ranks. Stealth is maxed so there's no point in voting for that.

Well that's not exactly true. We have a decent number of tranq rounds again, so you can vote for a no kill run of the next level, or to keep murdering people. At least the mooks, anyway.