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Part 13: Trail Blayzer

Last time, we met the third Guardian that sealed Melzas, acquired the second crest and got the Fire Scroll which is like the Earth Scroll only more useful since it has a mini-homing function.

Upon returning to Inoa, we get thrust straight into a mini-scene much like with when Giles just snapped. Speaking of which...

: Giles is the latest victim of the nightmares. Though he was not a friend of yours, you should try to help him anyway. It would be a shame if he were to return t Magyscar prematurely, especially since you can help! ...I never told you of Magyscar? Oy! I must be getting senile! According to legend, everything is created and destroyed there. It is both the Alpha and Omega. We come from Magyscar when we are born, and we go there when we die. Where is it? Oh, it is north of the village, near Torla Mountain. The place is crawling with slimes! You should be so lucky never to have to go there.

The Magyscar exposition really comes completely out of nowhere. It hasn't even been mentioned in hours at this point either so you've probably forgotten that it even exists at this point.

Nothing else of note right now, so let's go mock this guy mercilessly help Giles since we're going to have to anyway...

The instant Rumi moves out of the way, a certain someone comes walking out...

: Entering Giles' nightmare would be madness! You'll kill him, and probably yourself as well. Don't let that foul trickster fool you into entering his world again, Alundra!

Meia promptly walks away with this, letting you enter if you want. Kinda curious as to what she meant at the end there though, so better go looking for her. She's not in the village anymore, though, so where'd she go? Why, she's lurking outside the Sanctuary of course!

Well, that's enlightening...

Could go to Magyscar right now but there's nothing there to do but hear some people praying for Giles which isn't interesting so let's just go see him for ourselves.

Meia officially sucks, it seems. Well, she has since pretty much her arrival but now the game's even admitting it in passing.

Kisha: Meia says it was too late to do anything, but I want you to try... I can't just stand here and let him die. I know you have no reason to help my brother after what he said about you... But I hope that you find it within your heart to forgive him. You're my last only hope.

Hmm, on the one hand Alundra is totally awesome and probably could save Giles. On the other hand, Meia was right about Kline... kinda... but who cares about that? It's Giles. The answer should be obvious!

Kisha: Act like one now... and help my brother!
: Be careful, Alundra. We both know what will hapen if Giles dies while you're in his dream...

The choice loops back around after Kisha bitches at you to help Giles, so it's another fake decision. How many does that make thus far anyway?

Hosted (Part 2)|Youtube (Part 2)

There's more variety in enemies here than in Reptile Lair... conversely, there's less interesting mechanics. It also has a "puzzle" that's so hilariously easy, it's second only to an almost identical one done in... Spyro 2 of all places.

Why not ask him yourself? I think this constitutes proof that Alundra isn't just better than Meia at, oh I don't know, everything, he's also capable of proving her theories completely wrong too.

Kisha: Alundra saved you! Now you have no choice but to admit that Alundra not out to destroy us! [sic]
: ...Alundra. You...saved my life. And you nearly extinguished your life to salvage mine...

: Alundra, will you journey there and tell the villagers of Giles' survival for me? If you would be so kind, I'd be eternally in your debt.

Next time: the hardest Gilded Falcon. Yes, even harder than that one.