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Part 14: Alpha and Omega?

So, last time we saved Giles because, uh, he deserved it? Well, not really but the plot demanded it so it had to be done unfortunately. Immediately afterwards, Beaumont requested that we go to Magyscar to tell people that Giles is okay now.

This is Magyscar; we got expositoned at about this place just before entering Giles nightmare so it's probably important in some vague way. It's been accessible since the beginning, but there's never been any reason to come here. Most of the time there's no one here anyway, and the few times someone is here they don't say anything interesting.

: What? Really?! Giles has made a full recovery? This is fantastic news, Alundra! You've truly done a blessed thing this day, my boy!
Lutas: are an inspiration to us all. Witnessing your heroism makes me proud just to know you.
Sierra: We're lucky to have you here with us, Alundra.
Meade: Well, great, Giles is saved. Case closed, right? See you all back in the village, okay?
Fein: Let's go home, Lutas. See you soon, Alundra.

I can't help but hear Meade's first sentence in a sarcastic tone. Maybe I'm just projecting my own feelings onto him there but it really does look like he's just being sardonic. Either way, everyone leaves at this point so nothing left to do around here.

: I think it could collapse at almost any time. This is not good.

As per the last few things we've been told to avoid, checking this fissure out seems the logical thing to do. You can just leave and head back to Inoa if you really want but bugger all happens.

Nothing remotely interesting about this thing at all. Might as well go home, right? Well, not quite. Smack it once with the Iron Flail and...

It collapses leaving access to...

Hosted (Part 2)) (Part 3)|Youtube (Part 2) (Part 3)

I still maintain my position on that Gilded Falcon. Only ever gotten it that way once before and that took way too long the first time... It really is better to wait most of the time; I'm just impatient and forget to get it the easy way almost all the time.

Septimus had a good idea, but I have a better one. It's not that I dislike this part of the game; I just want to put it off for a little while since there's something else that is now possible. But first!

Upon leaving the house, Sybill corners you to show you another vision rather than just mention it in passing. Guess this one must be important... and actually, it kinda is.

: Strangely, no one tries to stop you. But you realise that they understant you fight for them as well. You are not afraid, just determined to emerge victorious.

Aside from the first actual appearance of Melzas as something other than a spirit thing, it's the first time he's even turned up since... Sybill's first vision. That was about 6 or 7 hours of playtime ago at this point.

Lutas and Fein's chimney is oddly empty at this point. Now's the time when you can jump into it akin to Lurvy's only rather than some odd promise, there's a very special item lying in wait.

This is a unique key item. You can get it from this point onwards, it's completely optional but it doesn't lead to pain and misery. Unless you really want to take full advantage of it at least, and who doesn't?

Oh and those pot things on the left are breakable in the same way crates etc. are only I swear with absolute certainty that those 2 are the only things in the entire game that can give Magic Drops (restore 1 MP). I have seen nothing else do that, and I've only gotten it from them rarely.

Next time: painting the town red, green or blue... all for a mere 5 gilder.