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Part 23: The True King of the Jungle

Last time, Giles died! Oh, and we got a bitchin' Steel Flail for saving Elene too.

Speaking of Giles death, remember how he just completely disappeared?

He still got a funeral, apparently. Alundra wasn't invited because he was sleeping; being enemies/rivals/whatever with the guy had nothing to do with it surprisingly.

Though there is still one empty spot at the Cemetary after all... I must've just been misremembering.

One good thing came out of Giles death though.

Myra finally got a new table! Meia isn't here because she's at Kisha's house apparently. That's the only hint you have as to what to actually do next. A bunch of people, Cephas included, mention the Murgg or the Murgg Woods but if you head off there now you won't be able to enter because one way is blocked by giant rocks and the other is blocked by a gate.

But who cares about that for now? At this point, Bonaire has the "best" line in the game.

I thought this actually came a little bit later, but I was wrong there too. Septimus is the only other NPC with semi-interesting dialogue, and he spends a good 5 screens to tell you one simple thing.

Only, uh, we kinda already knew that much. It was made apparent way back in the Coal Mine, and Sybill's dream shortly thereafter.

And this is why Murgg Woods was unenterable up until now. You need this... oh, and you need the Fire Wand to actually get anywhere in the woods because there's no conveniently placed torches any more and there's those giant spiky bushes everywhere apparently. Fortunately, we've had it for quite a while at this point.

Even with those two, getting into Murgg Woods isn't exactly easy per se. Getting to the gate can be "tricky." It's just north of the Fire Manor, but it's still fairly out of the way.

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At the end of the woods, the 45th Gilded Falcon is sitting a little out of the way. It's not that hard to miss, but it's more than possible. Fortunately, the Murgg Woods (and the dungeon thereafter) are actually repeatable so you can get it whenever. Still, 45 means we can get Merrick's last Life Vessel, and he gives us a preview of what's in store at 50...

This little beauty, alone, makes tracking down each and every Gilded Falcon worth it. It's the only weapon that can even compare to the Legend Sword (heck, it arguably outshines it) and it's easier to get to boot. Why? Oh, you'll see.

For now though, we've got one last thing to do here.

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Next time: The Fire Wand was needed here, so that means...