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Part 25: The Gemini Dance of Flames

Last time, we went through Torla Mountain/Volcano and killed the dragon/god there. Since Wilda can only be hurt with the Ice Wand, the Legend Sword is utterly useless there. The Legend Sword is surprisingly useless in the entire dungeon. Why?

For some reason, the palette swapped Turtles actually take multiple hits to kill with the Legend Sword. They are the only non-boss in this dungeon, and the next ones, to do so.

Speaking of Torla, y'know how we got that there Fire Book? Yeah? Don't worry about no demonstration of it thus far; come the end of the game you'll probably be sick of seeing it. It is the most powerful spell for pure damage after all.

Pattern recognition fun time. Remember how it turned to night following Torla Mountain? As per every night occurance aside from the first, this is not uneventful at all. No, it's more than that...

: Alundra! Are you awake?
: No.

It loops back to the "are you awake" choice here. Yep, it's another fake choice! But, it must be pretty important if you're willing to break into Alundra's house just to bug him about it. Or he needs to learn to actually lock the door. Either one's good.

...Okay, yeah, that's kinda important. You waited until he'd been actually kidnapped, and/or didn't try to fight the Murgg off yourself? Meia really is useless at combat.

Well, yes, actually. Meia only broke into his home, maybe, to tell him about it.

Meade: I sent Bergus and Nestus to sleep a few hours ago. The three of us were down here talking... when we heard the sound of shattering glass. I ran upstairs and saw the Murgg leaping out the window with Bergus. He looked at me and tried to scream. I ran after them, but the darkness embraced them... And, my poor son was in their dirty grip. This is my worst nightmare realised. Please! There's no one else in this village I can turn to for help...

...Wait, it took you several hours to actually get help after he was kidnapped? Jeez, you're the worst father ever.

She's referring to Septimus who only turns up when you speak to everyone in the room. They all just say a varient on "Please save Bergus!" Yes, even Nestus. Note how he's awake here.

And here he isn't. Kid must suffer narcolepsy or something to fall asleep the instant Septimus turns up.

: I hope you have a good reason.
: I have learned of a way for us to find Bergus.
Rumi: Nestus is finally asleep. He's been crying almost as much as I.
: This is good timing! According to my three-volume dream reference guide...

Okay, fine, I'll buy it. It should make for a damned interesting puzzle dungeon at the least.

: Because they are twins, Bergus and Nestus are of one mind.

The game will contradict itself on this very point less than a minute from now.

No. There is no reason for this to work. In order for this to make sense AND happen, one of two things would have to happen; Alundra's entire being would have to enter the dream. The game itself said that this is not the case immediately following Wendell's dream. The only alternative, is to break into the place where Bergus is, whilst carrying Alundra's body so he can exit there which means you would have to break into the Great Tree Tower to... break into the Great Tree Tower. This is the biggest problem I have with this dungeon. It's not the only one (the other will be apparent very soon), but it's the most glaring.

Not even Meia tries to dispute this any more. She's even given up on the whole "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE" tirade she had over every dream aside from the ones she did. She probably complained about those before doing them too actually.

You can opt out but you can't leave the village and Naomi's shop is closed so if you don't have enough supplies you're kind of boned. Hope you saved before or during the volcano!


A... one video dungeon? This late? Yes. And that is my second, and only other, complaint with this dungeon. It's way too short. It could do with being a bit longer, but it certainly doesn't overstay its welcome either. Awesome puzzles (your hints are a mirror of the solutions), awesome music, and even a gimmick boss that isn't overly bad. The boss, as you'd expect, comes in two as well but they share the same HP so you can just beat up one and they both die which is nice. They don't have an attack, other than that dashing thing, unless you stand between the two at which point they both fire a giant laser at you simultaneously which deals a hell of a lot of damage.

As you may have gathered from Alundra's HP and Falcon count following this dungeon, there's only two more left (the seventh crest and the final dungeon).

Bergus: When the Murgg brought me here, they drugged me to make me sleep. It gave me weird dreams, too! I dreamt that you walked through my dream to get here! Crazy, huh?! Wait! Look at this image!

Bergus: See how his eyes are closed? Almost like he's asleep... Even with his eyes closed, this guy still gives me the creeps! I won't be cryin' when all these are gone! We'd better make double time back to the village. I'm sure Mum and Dad are worried sick!

Unfortunately, the door out of here is kind of blocked at this point. You can enter this room much, much earlier and there's a switch to open the door... only it's inoperable due to rust so you're stuck doing something you've surely been waiting to get the chance to for a while now. You have to smack Melzas' statue with the Flail. When you do;

A rock drops from the ceiling somehow. You can get damaged by this if you're stupid enough to stand under one as it falls. Hit the staute enough, and...

It breaks, causing a very powerful and yet very self-contained earthquake. A bunch of rocks fall, one hits the switch and the door opens. Convenient that.

Bergus: I know a shortcut home, so I'll meet ya there! Last one there is a Murgg turd! Ha ha ha ha!

Before entering Inoa, it's a good idea to talk to Ronan first if only because he tells you where to go once you arrive there. No one else will, for a very important reason...

And, hell, we're in the area; let's talk to Cephas too.

I can't say I'm surprised. He's pretty close to being stopped at this point; only one crest to go and all. Still, how serious he is, is yet to be seen. He hasn't done that much yet, aside from try to kill Alundra once or twice, tried... something with the crests (I'd say revival but he's alive and well anyway) and had one kid get kidnapped. Still, what's the worst he can do?

You really should watch this one. No, seriously, just do it.

...Oh... uh... that's pretty bad actually. At least the Murgg aren't going to be a bother any more. That's a good thing that came out of this! Right? Right...?

Next time: Revenge?