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Part 3: Day 0 - 1: First Dab Fire of Beginning

So it begins. Five chosen goons fled from the destructive raid of an unknown enemy. Brother Radio Free Kobold, a daring young gentleman who leads the group to a place known as The world wonders - It’s an average sized land that is decent enough to rebuild our sect.

He is truly a lucky man! The heaven must have reincarnated him for the purpose of bringing our survivors to safety.

Regrettably, he was kidnapped by an evil cult during his adulthood. They turned him into a ‘Poison Harvesting Container’ that damaged his body beyond saving. Even our Sect Master who later rescued him was incapable of curing his Very Low Lifespan body. Goodness, his hair already greying at 22 years old!

But we can all agree that he really; is lucky to be able to survive that traumatic and evil experiment.

As a child, Radio Free Kobold is a Slingshot expert who devoted his time guarding the farm from wild animals. Naturally, he picked up some useful combat tricks through his effort. Nothing amazing, but enough to throw in a punch before he dies of old age.

Following behind is the dashingly handsome man with the most balanced feature, Hats. As a child, he is a lazy little thief who stoles from others by distracting them with his godly charm.

Naturally, his laziness and beautiful face led him to become a gigolo of the emperor’s sister! Jealous of his magnetism, other gigolo scheme and plotted his fall from grace before he joined our sect. His time at the palace greatly improved his Social and Fine Art skills.

Slaan is Hats’s sister. Unlike her good for nothing brother, Slaan is a hardworking laborer in the thieve hive. She takes cares of the team with her medical knowledge, culinary, and farming skill.

After her brother went to gigolo the princess, Slaan decided to travels the martial world as a masked swordsman with lightning quick movement and skillful swordsmanship. No one to this day know the secret identity of this peace-loving young lass.

Next up, we have the monk Happerry. He used to be a child monk who was tasked to keep the incense lights forever burning in front of Buddha. This calming childhood nurtured his mind into a stable mentality that won’t easily be affected by negative stimuli.

However, such peaceful day did not last as tragedy strikes during his adulthood. His village was raided by packs of wolves on one faithful night. Although he is a strong martial artist, he can only escape alone with his skill while leaving his friends and families behind. This trauma will haunt his heart and soul for the rest of his life.

Although Happerry isn’t statistically spectacular compare to his peer, he has a strong interest and proficiency in Farming and Cooking. Not a bad crafter either.

Lastly, we have Slaan’s husband, Arcanuse. As a child, he is known as the King of Games who is proficient from puzzle games to raising legendary crickets that won him many crickets tournament!

Unsurprisingly, he took on the street performance career of monkey handler. His awe-inspiring techniques of commanding a monkey with his whip entertains the crowd in all his shows. Alas, his monkey offended a local landlord and he lost an eye in order to save his beloved monkey from the hired thugs.


The group blindly follows Brother Radio Free Kobold, trusting his great luck to pull them through this calamity.

Fortunately, it worked and it seem they have finally shaken off the pursuer, and it is now time to rebuild.

Judging by the astrological patterns of the sky, they have run for around eight days and it’s currently:
Year 246, Spring 9th
Day 1 of our new life at 7:12 AM

An unknown elder of high cultivation slammed down from the sky to our surprise. Had the enemy caught up to us or simply laying in ambush? Did brother Radio Free Kobold failed us?

It’s the opposite! Brother Radio Free Kobold’s amazing luck led us to a wandering friend of our sect master! We must work hard to rebuild our new home before this great elder take his leave in a few days!

The first thing to do is to take note of our inventory including items we secured during our escape:

Spirit Stone (x25): Qi Condense stone that hold certain amount of Qi that can be used for cultivation and other esoteric uses. It is treated as common currency among cultivators.

Foundation Elixir: A precious and powerful elixir that can instantly complete the foundation training of a student or provide a great boost for cultivation. It’s a cheat-like medicine that saves weeks of internal foundation building in order for an outer to be capable of becoming an inner.

Healroot (x15): Healing herb with limited medical potency. We will need it for all basic medication.
Rabbit Meat (x33): No comment.
Rice Cake (x45): Condensed rice in various shape. A common food that fills the belly.
Wooden Axe: Can be used as a weapon or speed up chopping wood. We could also punch a tree for wood instead, but that will cause injury.
Water (x60): Water won’t be a problem if we are near a water source or we can dig a well for it. It does helps to shallows those awfully dry rice cake.
Black Paper (x12): For inscribing as magical talisman that can be equipped for special boost like running speed, temperature resistance, etc.

In conclusion, we are poor, but not hobo-poor. These food and water will lasts us a month or so, but it would be great to build a kitchen for brother Happerry and sister Slaan to cook us good food again.

Work Schedule
But who will build the house? Who will chop the wood? We need a proper schedule system to ensure efficiency. Currently, this is the recommendation based on our highest stat, but everyone are welcome to volunteer or opt out of certain responsibility.

Roles: Firefighting, Medicine/Treatment, Cooking, Hunting, Building, Farming, Mining, Logging, Forging, Tailoring, Crafting, and Hauling.

Daily Schedule
On the right is our daily activity chart that applies to everyone.

Sleep – Everyone except Inner Student need to sleep. This can be done anytime and you don’t need to fully replenish your energy to keep going.
Practice - Are time spent on training our foundation to be ready for becoming Inner student. We lose foundation (-1000 EXP) if we didn’t train in a day.
Eat – An allocated time where everyone eats together. It’s a wasteful allocation of time if you want to eat alone instead.
Work – Everyone do their best!

As the five founding father and mother of our sect, what you set forth today will probably become the tradition for future generation to follow. All juniors of the future will judge you for thoughtful/awful decision of this day.


As the leader of the group, Radio Free Kobold asked the mysterious elder for advise on how to start, and the great and wise elder told him to start a bonfire.

Radio Free Kobold understood the great symbolic meaning behind the elder’s words, and immediate reach for the axe…

To chop off the biggest and prettiest tree he can find. Such a momentous event deserves the best wood! It took him two hours.

After greatly exhausting himself, Radio Free Kobold gives the honor of constructing our sect’s First Fire to Slaan while Arcanuse ceremonially performs the ritualistic dance of dabbing.

Fire gives hopes and lives to the world. This is momentous moment reaffirm these founder’s decision to settle down and build a new home.

To begin, Happerry eagerly begins crafting the chopped wood into planks.

In his mind, he contemplates the shape of a generic house.

Perhaps a well outside his room for easy access of water when he wakes up in the morning, and he will work in the mason room below.

There are much to rebuild, and more exotic building will come to mind when an inner emerges.

Until then, it’s best to take it one step at a time. Perhaps he can ask his fellow cultivators for design ideas that may or may not end awfully.

Ah, yes. There’s also Feng Shui to considers for each building. They affect the flow of positive and negative energy that could leads to happier life, speedier cultivation, breakthrough chance, etc.

Every material in the world belongs to one of the five element. Utilizing properly in alignment of the Feng Shui ‘Feed-to’ system will bring good fortune. For example, a bedroom with earth element wall will go well with metal element bed.

But let’s leave these advance geomancy design for later. We just need basic commodities such as bedroom and kitchen to not live like caveman.

What we need to decide now, however, is who will become the inner student of this cultivation law known as :gay: Sunflower Refining Law :gay:. It’s a proven law of the universe by our great ancestor who ascended into immortality using this very law! There are five in Taiyi Sect, but we only managed to snatch this (most feminine) one in our great luck-fueled escapades.

Compatibility wise, Slaan, Hats, and maybe Arcanuse can learn it with moderately success. Anyone of you can take the Foundation Elixir to immediately begin your cultivation, or you could save it for future generation and choose to build your foundation the normal way.

The world is in your hands.