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Part 11: Day 11 - 12: Curse of Pear Soup Investigation

After consulting with various Feng Shui experts about Cyflan’s death, we now have an inkling of the cause.

It all started in our recklessness after obtaining the great force of nature known as Feng Shui Snake.

We wanted to make use of its power to grants us the blessing of nature, and so we started experimenting it. Trying to bring hope under the angry snake was a bad idea.

Hope + Anger = Sad. The result wasn’t desirable when one goes against the natural order of elements.

So we learned the proper way of the world. For a time, life is good as we kept the angry snake fed with beef while it frolics under the angry fire flowers.

That is until the recent shortage of food. We ran out of beef, so we tried to be cheap and fed the awful water elemental Pear Soup to The Snake.

This foolishness come with a tragic cost: It have become a life and death matter.

The situation was so grave that even our sect master’s room got a big hole on the wall out of nowhere, and this is clearly a heavenly warning before the death of our Cyflan.

Feeling the sense of ‘homelessness’ and insecurity of who cracked a huge hole on the wall, sect master Hats falls into deep anxiety.

It’s like his heart is being drown and constrict by a demon.

Not knowing what to do, he can only indulge himself in entertainment and hope for the wave of sorrowful atmosphere to pass.

But it has only gotten worst.

As such, sect master Hats declares Sect of Emergency to actively combat this Malevolent Atmosphere Pear Soup Curse.

Everyone is now tasked to building duty in order to help fix our Heartbreaking Doom House Feng Shui.

Hats then swiftly get the hell out leaves our Pear Soup Curse Zone to get more beef to appease the Feng Shui snake.

But first, we must give Cyflan a proper send off to the spiritual world.

Our mass apprehension of the curse has attracted a passerby who is wondering why everyone is in a panic breaking down houses and rebuilding it with slight difference.

But everyone are too busy combating the curse to chat with her. Perhaps Hats will return in time to take care of this sightseer.

So busy that everyone almost forgot to give Cyflan a proper send off.

There we go.

We know you would want to become a fertilizer that keeps your sect brother and sister from starving to death.

Your room have been renovated to only have one door to stop the Feng Shui leak, and removed a bed to solve the clutter space issue. It is surprising to see how easy for this to result in an auspicious room that promotes restful sleep with good dream!

In fact, our overall Sect Feng Shui just went up a grade into Cultivation Treasure Land. This is certainly a good sign that we are earning the good grace of the world.

All of these 3x3 single person room shall now be the standard for all students to enjoy. In fact, the new one will have brick wall and iron bed!

However, we need one more furnace to keep up with the brick production of both mason workshop.

Maybe three furnaces to keep up…

To keep morale strong, our chefs will put in extra efforts on the meal for these few monotonous days to come. Slaan will be relieved from this duty.

Speaking of food, our curious guest is getting starved while Hats is still a long way from home. We can’t have her stand there for a whole night like that. Let’s invite her to become a student.

Braze Dragon and Kidz bopnightcore are second to Hats in the art of persuasion.

In respect to gender equality, Blaze Dragon will be the one to coax her into the Cult of Bèn.

*Gasp* A female turtle few feet behind them had taken a huge crap! The smell is going to ruin the persuasive atmosphere!

Another female turtle is hugging the crap! Does that mean I should had sent Kidz bopnightcore to do it!?

Nevermind, Blaze Dragon sweet-talked her into the cult.

Welcome, Kaja! You are a musical genius and veterinarian! Awesome! The great force of Feng Shui must have guided you here to serve The Snake!

She has great potential for creating quality items, and that makes her the top chef along with Happerry!

You can rest in peace, Cyflan. Everything is going so well with the positive Feng Shui that I am sure the farm is spiritually comfortable.

In fact, everyone are in full fervor of making sure they never have to meet the same fate as you.

Now that our Feng Shui curse have been lifted, Radio Free Kobold will resume building his foundation to the point that he can handle qi within his body without exploding.

As the body fills with these wonderful Qi, it will expel impurities that is said to go beyond one’s physique and the cultivator might even shank a bit from the great discharge of purification.

Contrary to the current topic, Hats is bringing home a lot of boar meat. We need to tell Kaja to not cook these tribute for The Snake.