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Part 117: Day 260-262: Breakthrough Methods

Someone brought a sacrifice.

We prefer burning hot soul salt. :choco:

Blaze Dragon is also burning out of his lifespan in his PART 1 of nascent breakthrough. He most definitely needs to learn lifespan extension arts after burning 210 years for this with 50% chance.

It won’t be fair for him to be softlocked by lifespan... and we invested too much to let him falls like this.

Let's make a good reason to reload for Science! :science:

Fire room is the best for his Earth Qi, and wood is great for boosting those fire bars.

So would summoning a Wood tribulation storm boost fire bar?

The element at the sitting spot before thunderous death.

Oh no, Blaze Dragon gonna finish before Chin Up is done walking!

Oh silly me. He is 0.1 m/s faster than A Crab! (0.5 vs 0.4) :pseudo:

His breakthrough speed is swift. Probably an advantage for skipping 120 years of enlightenment.

His master, GridLocked is here to give him an encouraging mental state boost.

Everyone would feel great to have a supportive cat. :monar:

Everyone wants him to succeed.

Hmm, no changes, how disappointing.

I hope Chin Up won’t knocks those bars over.

Great! I don’t know what else to experiment if I have to reload. :engleft:

The last hurdle. This seems like a good time to feed Blaze Dragon things that gives tons of EXP.

Secret Art wise… it might be faster to simply spam fire cave visit.

Way faster.

Nothing on the Elixir search…

We did find a bunch of cheap Demon Cat’s Soul Gem that let you split a String of Consciousness from your soul. Once.

String of Consciousness is a unique mechanic of Daoist Nascent Soul.

Blaze Dragon now have 1 unused String of Consciousness out of 64 that he can peel off from his soul.

There might be other uses for the string, but we can insert it into an ordinary item to empowers it, which cause the user to be slightly weakened from the soul splitting experience. It’s a net gain nonetheless and opens up some opportunity for growth.

He can use the one-of-a-kind grade 11 gifted treasure sword we gotten from the being friends with some sect master.

Only the Basic Category for a selection of abilities are available since Blaze dragon doesn’t have lv 20 in other respective skills.

Flying speed or minor Qi protection? Sounds terrible. :hmmno:

On the other hand, Blaze Dragon is suitable for learning Qi Protection both for his 70+k max qi, and a rare Qi Protection secret art in his skill tree.

So be it. Eat up those EXP!

He will be staying home for a long time as a demi-god.

We might need to spend more string to unlock further options.

It would be a waste to spend a weak enchantment on that sword, so a horn that boost Physique will do.

I hope this doesn’t affect by treasure refining skill.

In the meantime, The Great Evil King harvest the weakest Golden Core demon in the world with its 5k Qi.

It took a bit longer than expected due to its hard shell.

Thanks for the high quality Salt. :razzy:

It worth 300 if we sell it.

Now we have a slot to invite some guest to contribute their secrets to our library.

It’s way cheaper than paying 1k for an unknown law book.

Charisma Cat can’t believe he failed! :ironicat:

Go eat some cat soul to heal your injured ego.

It’s good to know that all his skill points are not wasted.

It is wasted. :bang:

How goes the refinement, Blaze Dragon?

This is not a net gain for whatever Blaze Dragon paid. At least it can be passed to someone else. :saddowns:

Screw these Daoist Nascent Soul mechanics! :argh:

Back to the easier mechanics! :effortless:

Body Cultivator takes the most player-side effort to raise due to gacha rolling for traits every couple minutes. I even downloaded a mod to let me reroll three times. :f5:

They gain their cultivation EXP through obtaining trait. It's quite fast to reach breakthrough if you are willing to spent essence on low LV body parts, but there's no point to rush beside unlocking more body parts. Just make sure to leave a slot or two for unlockable techniques that requires certain traits.

Their breakthrough percentage wholly depends on mood, but bad memories are good fuel for berserk.

Thankfully, it's almost effortless to keep them happy with mood improving items.

It’s unfortunate for The Great Evil King to lose the Awkward Room Sharing penalty for berserk, but he can breathe harder and gain more from the environment.

On the completely opposite end of effort-raising, adjust Earth Shit God's mood/state-of-mind to a target goal and then forget about him for a season or two before he can breakthrough again. We might not last that long, so I might have to find some mod to speed him up.