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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 120: Day 278-286: Probably Harmless

The Global Warming changes in the Feng Shui climate is strong enough to drop our Sect’s Feng Shui by a grade.

It is a great time for our Body Cultivator to sits outside at the Yoga Mat and breath in the weather. Social distancing observed.

Actually, let’s put in a fence just to be extra safe.

Long dining table to ensures the distance are maintained.

I may have unknowingly solved the greatest logistic hurdle.

Fearful of the unknown calamity that came along with the massive waves of high density Qi, it might be time to bring back our best tank.

But we should give Evening Snow a chance to proves its Bèn to us.

Speaking of, a Nascent Soul and Golden Core decides to raid us.

Right in ANOTHER WALL while Hats is playing with Evening Snow.

Hats may be a Nascent Soul, but he is not build for combat… or anything besides promoting intersect relations.

This little pocket space in ANOTHER WALL is nice, but it might be hard for our Body Cultivator to charge in.

Boksi’s new horn attack hits like a truck! :razorback2:

Someone’s claw is so big that it could give a good slap to a huge demon.

No injury for us. Our Body Cultivators beat the crap out of them without using Rage. They are too weak to worth using the precious resource of SAD MEMORIES. I can’t believe we are calling Nascent Soul weak

No one will be pleased when they got interrupted on their 5th bowl during meal time.:hai:

Our skill lv 23 Alchemist is ready to tackle any medical challenge. There’s no one better than him to learn the Alchemist Law!

Sadly, he only found an old tourist guidebook that unlock places we already know! :ironicat:

We do have enough resource to finally build a Wonders for our tourist.

All tourist will also be in awe of A Crab who make it pass Golden Core equivalent realm. :neckbeard:

Since the title said Obstruction, it’s probably a bad thing.

We will take the gift… after we are done in the near future?

Unlikely doesn’t means never. We will take it next time.

Everyone is breathing well at the Yoga mat, and love is blooming in-between the giant bone.

Who won’t fall for this sensitive and muscularly hairy man? :allears:

It’s unfortunate that he has an insane essence requirement for his special part. He can only get those through tribulation or eating the Air of Tribulation item.

Let’s hope he can rush pass the normal tribulation and ascends into heaven before his time is up.

Eat these fire dust! We will mold your fist with fire! :blastu:

Who else need fire essence? :homebrew:

Sorry, you can’t have ice fist to match your name. Those essences are for dodge and defense.

Which we will put it all into your legs to bump up your amazing 60+% dodge rate!

The dense Qi current we experiencing is a natural Qi cycles phenomenon that occurs every 3000 years. This surges of Qi current are gradually awakening many ancient cultivators from their deep torpor.

Unlike the law and orders of today’s world, these ancient cultivators are bred from the era of chaos. The law of the jungle - Survival of the strongest is the ethos of their times.

Phew, and here I thought we are getting boss monster. They probably just a bunch of weak Nascent Soul. :smugbert:

In the Cave of Beast, this Jade Monument asked Lynneth to pass its trial of murdering every demon in the cave.

Less than a minute later, the monument is impressed enough to give us an ancient formation themed after various animals.

Sometime people thinks she spend a minute going to the bathroom, and other times she brought back treasures.

After a detail inspection by our formation expect, this manual only provides new nodes for building custom formation. However, some of these new nodes have the property of ‘reducing’ the size and complexity of the formation, which makes it easier to maintain or have more room to expand the formation!

Finally, something cheap and easy.

Only need five Inners to sit and not move forever. :smithicide:

Just enough to fit the 7 letters limit.

We are the big boss now! People will cower before our greatness! :worship:

YEAH! Beat them t-huh, death? No, no. They don’t deserve that. Let’s talk.

We only lost a day, right? :mad:

Then they came back again after a day or two!

Who are they? Who sent them? :argh:

Our sly fox suggests placing some poops to repel them. It will volunteer if we let it eat laxative.

We may as well make you the beefiest fox with the lowest body fat percentage.

As for the tough kind of beef, A Crab needs the best Earth element essence for his shell.

Which requires either summoning sandstorm or eating this.

Since I have no faith in him ever have the time to breath during the sandstorm, we will have to do it the costly way. :shepspends:

Also this medicine to refill your base essence since your metabolism is practically nonexistence.

Crab damn it! I forgot about the grade requirement! We will have to wait for Spring and Winter to cast the Dust Storm spell! :sassargh:

We will let Blaze Dragon have it. Once his 86 Dao are lowered, it will be easy to max another skill.

His next tribulation is the last one, which have a huge amount of Qi.

#2 is mistranslated for leaving it alone.

Only 23? Not worth the risk. :hmmno:

We have no experience with breaking through the final hurdle as a Daoist cultivator, but Blaze Dragon will be a good test case with the large amount of EXP he can freely distributed in-between various test saves for future reference.

:homebrew: No holding back for Ancestor Blaze Dragon. He will buy his way into heaven one way or another.

Our Money Tree Forest is finally starting to produce the main ingredient for cursed soup.

Speaking of tree, construction of our Wonders is completed. It’s an ancient dead tree that can gathers souls.

Ohhh, 50 influence for an end game pill! I don't know what it is, but it need a demi-god's skill to unlocks its recipe! :neckbeard: