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Part 121: Day 286-289: Solving Mystery Pt 1

Now that we have a demi-god that can teleport all over the world, we will have ancestor Lynneth solves the reason behind Taiyi’s sect wipe.

First is asking YueQingChou about he mysterious shadow person who flew around the ruins of Taiyi after the wipe.

This reply is unique. :hai:

We will send her into the tiger den.

It requires 60 relations, which is a bit troublesome if their guarded heart capped at 50. The alternative would be waiting for them to go out somewhere to ambush them.

Ah, the unknown pill that we will get for 50 influence!

Oh… no bad, I guess. We could get more from shrines, but it won’t hurt to have a stock of it for emergency.

We also invited him since he has the same reply to our question.

Now is also a good time to look at local disciple’s stat to find out what secret arts are contained in these law books they learned.

Since no one is around at the edge of the map, we might as well steal their elixir.

Wow, someone have really good senses.

Left over trash it is.

It does provide a lot of Dao Essence to reset a body part if necessary.

Next is getting Hu Zedao from Ultimate Heaven Palace. Ancestor Coffee said he is suspicious, so we will beat him up invite him home for tea. :hmmyes:

Pretty sure this is a generic reply for not knowing anything about the sect wipe.

We will figure it all out with our fist. :skeltal:

After reviewing a few sect’s law that are on sale, I realized they are all trash filled with useless secret art that are more or less EXP trap. The one they don’t sell have arts like +2 to an attributes for 10 dao cost. :argh:

If we can’t have good secret art, then we will work on getting good mutation! Epochol will summon the best Fire weather!

Everyone shall put these super flame into their fist! :sss:

Two days after Epochol cast the weather, it got overwritten by a random sunny weather! :eng99:

Since everyone already set to 24/7 breathing, let’s make the best out of it.

Firework #2 will summon the BEST weather for our body cultivator to breath!

Please try to stay alive for as long as possible.

One lightning strike that lasted half a second later…

:sigh: Generic loot even for a Golden Core. How disappointing.

Oh dear, we might have offended Talow’s ancient great grandfather.

WHAT!? Talow also dropped a Soul Pearl that is a Feng Shui item!?

Holy Shit!

This place is closed for entry while Talow's great ancestor is raging.

Seems like the Devil Emperor might be waking up too?

We have 7 days to find the location.

Come home, everyone.

We will not let those other scammer sects get another treasure or secret art!

Everyone should stay until they get this too. :intv:

Our ‘friend’ is here. :drac:

Welcome to the tiger den, our resident tiger have a question for you.

Tell us everything you know about the mysterious shadow!

Note: I assume the culprit are RNG, but I will spoiler it in case you want to solve it yourself.

The Great Evil King is very good at his job.

I see… this sect master was scheming to steal another sect’s treasure, and the timing concise with the sect wipe. :thunk:

Unfortunately, that sect is currently closed for whatever reason, so we will have delay our invitation to this sect master for tea. :hmmno:

The suspect’s body will be disposed in our Herb Garden Privilege Club where no outsiders are allowed to join.

Evening Snow wants in on the fun and offers to move dead mortals to a designated spot.

Mere mortals are only worthy of fertilizing our wheat.

The other suspects got nothing else to spill, so they get to stay and enjoy real tea. :hmmyes:

On the other hand, you are carrying a unique law with you…

This is pay back for all the scamming!

Welcome to the Ginseng Corner of our prestigious club.

This is the only law I seen in the form of a scroll.

No element, but it pretty much ALSO requires high Physique for its breakthrough. What a scammy chart!

It has less secret art that a normal book! This is sh-

Now everyone can buy another strand! :prepop:

3 Dao points for 2 physiques and +300 years. :eyepop:

All of these are top grade charm! You can tell by their Dao cost!

+1000 Max Qi at QI Condensation realm!? You are guarantee a 5th grade core with just this! :pwn:

Hey, latecomers, aren’t you glad to have waited like Blaze Dragon? :arnie: