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Part 122: Day 290-295: Overcoming Nature

We are getting another global warming extreme heat weather from the phoenix!

There must be a shortcut key to select/deselect all of them. :f5:

We don’t need any more ancient beast bone essence. We need demon meat.

I think Golden Core boar drops meat, so we will sacrifice this non-poster.

He will EXP dump on charm creation skill on our newly acquire law.

Edit: Bad idea. Non-element means he don’t get any benefit from element cultivation spot.

Treasure Law!? We already have it.

Worse, low grade pills that we have plenty in stock.

Arcanse finally reached his final prime. :ssj:

Just in time. We found the Golden Trove to be in this pond.

We will go for the ring since accessory are passive effect.

We did it!

They are actually treasures, but they are probably the most powerful treasure we can find for free.

Not as much Qi as I expected with Coffee charging it.

Still working on getting his second treasure slot unlocked.

Easiest way would be to steal this from the Pure Lotus Sword sect instead of accumulating 5 favors, but they are currently closed!

In the meantime, he is gathering grace from heaven to ease the eventual storm.

Also doing really well on diverse aspects of his cultivation.

We need to succeed in an event to make one!?

Since we are observing heaven, then we should be figuring out how to… make a pill out of it?

We did it. This seem too easy… or is there better result?

YES! We found the strongest offensive law!

Blast it open with your strongest spell! :blastu:

You got to be kidding me.

I don't need more bad news.

IceBlock’s countdown arrived before he made it to demi-god! :supaburn:

You got to be kidding me!

Is the Feng Shui trying to sect wipe us?

Too bad we are stronger than Feng Shui! :madmax:

IceBlocks survived all SIX clouds! :c2b:

Minor injuries. Most of it are probably before I activated rage. I stacked a ton of rage bonus Sun Essence for everyone.

I think you also dived away from some lightning strike with your 72.48% dodge chance! :slick:

Next time you will do it in this room that give another 15% dodge chance! :madmax:

All of our body cultivators decided to celebrate by feeding our rabbits instead of breathing in top grade weather essence. They never did this before. :ironicat:

But great job, my boy! All those hours spent raising you wasn’t a waste! You are now Half-bear, Half-

-Uh… quarter-human? :iiasb:

Now you can be with Slaan forever. :thumbsup:

But Slaan would be too busy in the toilet after getting fed by Evening Snow.

Back to this Eternal Night weather.

Everyone dislikes being in the dark for days, but this weather provides one of the best essence for body cultivator. Our Charisma Cat GridLocked would freak the meow out with a huge In-The-Dark penalty without lighting. :catte:

What better way to lit up the night than burning up an ancient giant fossil?

And tables, why not.

It would have been worse for everyone if I didn’t industrialized the local lighting system. :smug:

For the next 8 days where I don't need to baby body cultivators, we can work on getting Nick (Treasure Law) and Foul ole Ron (Charm Law) into Golden Core. Both are test case for observing each law.

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