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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 128: Day 308-310: Animal Kingdom

Your cultivation speed is quite fast thanks to your max comprehension stat.

While flying over to the breakthrough room, TravelLog is inspired by the Yin/Yang symbol.

The majestically representation of the duality of nature interdepending on each other. Day and Night, Good and Evil, Pizza and Pineapple, etc and not etc.

Since it’s a simple drawing, I decided burn all of your Qi using the third drawing method to make this small symbol.

Density > Size.

I think no one can beat you in map traveling soon.

I also look forwards to you stealing shit in the blink of an eye with your unaffected moving speed.

In comparison, our test case charm law cultivator is still half way there to his first breakthrough charm, which is accurate to his 50% difference in law compatibility.

Our super dodger bear is ready to become Demi-god!

Let’s see how well he can dodge lightning… :madmax:

In the room that provide 15% base dodge chance. :intv:

Aww, it’s hard locked at 95%.

Let’s start with no boost from anything. :byobear:

Bear: 11 Pounce
Cloud: 7 Zaps

Congratulation to IceBlocks becoming a God Bear that can dodge! How frightening! :iiasb:

The Great Evil King also wants in on the Animal Kingdom for Gods!

The mortals might already have been cursed to death, but he will fry their corpse for better fertilization! :chef:

He needs 5 bad memories to activates his berk mode. What a calm tiger! :tootzzz:

This is ONE swipe of his claw! I think berk mode is the actual game breaking factor and not Body Cultivator. :thunk:

Congratulation to The Great Evil King for being our Fifth Demi-God! :cabot:

You probably could one shot the cloud if we ever managed to unlock your special technique.

Max Comprehension really helps. :viggo:

Golden Core is the time to spend every EXP you have to increase Max Qi!

This is after he learned most of our Max Qi increasing secret arts. We should be able to push it to 10k without doing bad drugs.

No way! :monocle: This is too low even at unfavorable condition! There must be something we missed…

Despite the lack of element, Weather (sunny+) and Yin Yang (6am) Bonus does apply under the right condition.

He will focus on increasing as much of his Sense as possible to boost the law compatibility.

This is after gaining 0.5 Sense. So he needs 3 more to max the bonus.

This and Foundation Elixir will take care of the 2 points.

I have been saving this for time like this! 0.5 to all stats for 60 Max Qi (9 Base Max Qi)!

His attunement got even higher from better stats! Now to wait for the right timing to breakthrough. :yaycloud:

Oh dear ancestor! :aaa: You actually, and finally succeed on your 10% spam! I think you burned at least 700 years of lifespan!

Succeed in the snake pit, no less!

SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! She wouldn’t have enough lifespan if she tries again! :f5:

This is it! Wood law final breakthrough! It should be easy if we copy max Qi Defense like Ancestor Blaze Dragon.

Back to grinding at the water element cave. There’s nothing to stop you now. Probably. You do have a severe case of arthritis. :corsair:

Shei-kun’s success inspired one of our Feng Shui snake to rename the diner.

Since TravelLog is the only one here, let’s see how well you fare against a snake with 1k Qi.

No luck for Dead Meat at less than 10%. It will be much easier to break core, but that won’t be ONE TRIP! :bandwagon:

Coffee might not even need protection with all the virtue he is accumulating.

Welp, both of you are exchanging pittance amount of damages, but TravelLog can recharge more than he lost, so we will leave you two to grind combat exp.