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Part 130: Day 316-325: Still Trying to Rob

Finally, Epochol have overcomes the odds of 20% success chance!

Aaaad no tribulation? Maybe it’s a mistranslation.

Slaan is ready to become demi-god, but her stat was below average due to EXTREMELY bad luck on most of her roll. 90% of those rare essence she burned got her nothing.

This is her brain.

This is Iceblocks’ brain.

Everyone have a mutation rarity chances. Slaan is half of Iceblocks’ percentage.

The Art and Medicine skill of Outer gets converted into these specialized skills that affect various mutation values. IceBlocks’ have 40 more points compare to Slaan.

Anyhow, let’s get another demi-god!

Ohh, our demon tea-friend is here!

Damn. I was hoping for you to get strike from tribulation 'accident', but you wisely hold hostage of our Feng Shui Snake.

They will do.

It’s too early for you Golden Cores to survive a tribulation!

Aww, Evening Snow! Now they are fighting back!

Welp, this works. Keep them distracted, Evening Snow!

Coffee came home RIGHT on this spot to watch the show.

Watching the tribulation under the snow.

The raider is right in the eye of the storm.

Uh… Slaan just one punch the cloud back to heaven…

Or two punches.

Definitely, one punch for each of them. :killdozer:

I did stack her whole face with Sun Essence for Rage bonus. :fyadride:

Our lion statue lost at least 500 hp from the cloud.

Congrats to Slaan for becoming the 6th Demi-God! And the only Body Cultivator with a title! :c00l:

How long would it takes for you to become demi-god?

Quite a distant away.

We really need to unlock your special shell mutation, but the highest tier element Essence aren’t easy to get.

Everyone will keep upgrading their nose to be more efficient in breathing over various rare weathers.

Small rain like this won't give them the best water essence, but everyone does loves this ‘brief’ rain.

Disregarding A Crab, our Bodybuilding, Eliminate, and Neutralize (BEN) Team are assembled. Ready for all threat including self-inflicted starvation.

Nick have been camping in this sect for quite a long time.

We have earned their full trust!

We are done with them forev-no…

After buying this for Hats, we are done with them forever. Probably.

Everyone fondly remembers this blue clothed guy living in Ultimate Heaven Peak for who knows how long.

Nicks returned with an inspiration for our brief-yet-eternal rain to create a new secret art!

This is quite good for only 1 Dao point. :waycool:

TH-this is about an ancient charm! TravelLog! Come here! Read this! :supaburn:

Where’s the first and second volume!?

This is now a world quest to find the exact location

We will investigate both sub-locations.

Edit: Found nothing both inside and map event.

On the shadier side of obtaining information, it's time to ask our tea-friend some question. We invited one male and one female for gender equal-death opportunity.

To steal their law that grant these cheat unlocked techniques.

Let’s hope they are glass cannon.

Haha! She equipped too many techniques and don’t have enough Red Bull Energy to keep them working, so she is suffering for 90% stat drop!

Phew, we finally got her down to HALF health. :gonk:

Only took another Full Minute to out damage her regeneration FROM COMA to death.

Protip: Outer can instant kill coma target.

Judging by the scroll bar, it took another 10 injuries to finally put her to rest.

Enough injured body parts to disable half her techniques.

Welcome! To the :spooky: Amazingly Ominous Outdoor Teahouse :spooky:.

Located right inside our infamous trial gate.

:hmmno: Our tea isn’t curse enough. Maybe we should try soup next time.

That expensive seed we brought didn’t hide Hats from heaven either.

We will let TravelLog eats it. He probably will explode from Qi overflow, but just in case he can handle it…

He can’t handle that and Qi exploded to death. Let’s reload and pretend this never happened. :ghost:

Our victims’ sect is infuriated by their death under our care, so we lost 30 relations for each of them.

“Hi, friend! I brought you some mooncake! Sorry for your two disciple!”

“Friend!” “Friend!” “Friend!” “Friend!”

“Psst, please come to our amazing tea party! There are plenty of snacks and belly dancers!”