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Part 140: Day 380-388: Feng Shui Loot

I forgot Dead Meat has been carrying a Nascent Soul Seed that make him practically immune to heat and cold. It’s also a rare item that increase Max Qi, but anyone without 1 million will probably die from consuming it.

We will give it to Hats since he is our best Mountain Driver at this point. It also helps to hide his dark deed from heaven.

Not that it matters to him anymore. He simply has to many tea and salt extraction.

The cause of our eternal rain was not due to our dark deeds, but this rain making sword. It will cause rain when it’s on the ground or pedestal. So Coffee can hold onto it.

Now back to t-

Something flows into the sect when Zengetsu fix our broken wall. Probably a graphical glitch that flew eventually flew out of the map.

Now back to the real spoil of war that will be identify by Ancestor Blaze Dragon.

It’s an ancient Feng Shui disruption item WITH Qi Gathering capability for fire! +50% work speed for workshop! IT CAN STACK with other Feng Shui disruption item that allows it!

It’s time to expand our place of sweaty operation.

It was very difficult to figure out what would satisfy the Feng Shui item, so Quick-Build mode was used, I mean…

Thanks, merchant! For hiring expert to renovate our sweatshop! This should cover the labor and importing that flower! :thumbsup:

This randomly chosen decorative wood element flower will satisfy the Feng Shui element harmony requirement.

It would had taken me days to get this right. :sweatdrop:

One of the Dark Lord’s charm happens to be another Feng Shui item, and it’s perfect for our wheat farm!

The Dark Lord himself will be helping out with our rising production rate! He’s top quality puppet as you can see from the golden text.

He is born to serve the Bèn. Now back to inspecting the other unknown Feng Shui item that looks like an ancestor statue.


I need to make some sort of mega five-element TP room for it.

But that super TP room will be a pain to build, so this ancestor statue can bless our metal poop room instead. More power to Coffee’s metal law. Speaking of his law…

It’s with great determination that Coffee sacrificed lots of his Exp to max out his treasure refining skill.

A great sacrifice of one visit to our shrine.

He will need a Dao reduction crystal for the next big purchase.

All to craft the ultimate swords from his law. The Immortal Slaying Swords of Hundred Souls!

The ultimate sword that an absorbs a hundred soul to empowers itself and… reset after its Qi ran out? Not sure about the specific but we will find out.

While we have a large increase in our food and arms production, the refinement of our treasure should speaks quality.

In this narrow shack of a room that is hotter than outdoor and lacks basic amenity, you will somehow feel happier.

TravelLog have been cultivating in the same metal poop room for high Qi density boost to his Max Qi. He just need some more time to reach the Grade Zero amount of Qi.

The ancestor statue gives a raw boost of 25 Virtue in this room.

The Immortal Slaying Sword is forged and ready to eat souls.

There’s a lot of mortal for harvest…

No. Coffee have standards and will get it from his enemy instead.

Before swapping out one of his treasure for the sword, it would be waste to not use it’s Qi on a tribulation.

This is a really strong cloud.

But not 2 million strong. :madmax:

One second.

Two… and a half seconds.

The last treasure used too much Qi. So that will be replaced by the Immortal Slaying Sword!

That Dao Tribulation only gave 10 points Dao reduction. :sigh:

Let’s grab the sword to stab the cheap heaven cloud again.

WHAT!? It’s an accessory!? A passive power boost!? :monocle:

BRING IT! Fire cloud in Ice TP! :blastu:

It was so easy that he has time to think about some rip-off arts.

This took about 6 seconds.

It will take a while to recharge these treasures.

Interesting. The discount is in increment of 10? It might be worth the trouble after all…

We may be rich, but not desperate enough to rush for the third Dao cloud with these crystal.

Since there's no need to be desperate when you have these on sale for 800 Spirit Stone! :wotwot:

Purple Sun Elixir will be our frivolous Qi Potion from here on. Only for those on the top of hierarchy, of course. :tipshat:

Our food and arms industry can support it. :homebrew:

Unfortunately, Coffee ran out of EXP to get the require 300 Dao to summon the Dao Cloud, so Coffee will have to fly to the next shrine.

It would be unbelievably expensive if he is going 400 Dao.

Our new Body Cultivator finally broke through. Lots of new standard techniques from the Demon Body law we stolen.

Our cat is too pure to handle such demonic arts.

Among the standard techniques, this one use the tail to suppress treasure. Quite a smart idea.

Defensive technique using furs.

Refine dragon scale essence into muscle to become as tough like a dragon.

Unique breathing technique through specifically mutated mouth, nose, throat, and lung. Naturally, it is for Red Bull Regen.

It’s too early to judge which body law is better, but the demon law is definitely not viable for human who lacks fur and tails.

Coffee returns and decided to try out the tribulation with half his Qi with one Purple Sun Elixir.

His swords flew a lot faster after a couple of secret arts.

:hmmno: Coffee ran out of Qi from refilling his treasures. So he doesn’t have any left to defend himself. Is there no way around this weakness?

Second attempt with full Qi also failed to overcome the problem. The cloud still have more than half its Qi.

Third try on our extreme Earth Qi poop room against the Water cloud. :yayclod:

The same room with the ancestor statue. :catholic:

No good. Once his treasure ran out of juice, he is as good as dead. Investing into Qi Protection now would ruins the point of proving the usefulness of treasure over raw Qi-Tanking build. :magemage: