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Part 142: Day 395-397: Loot Loot Loot

TravelLog is on a bit of a tight schedule with his demon countdown, but he will have made it with his current 140% compatibility with the charm law.

Have to waste EXP on two separate percentage boost for Sense to get that maxed.

Onto the good part! Inefficient meditation art at Golden Core , and the best weather spell we already have in our library!

One of the most useful charm unlocked!

Straight up stats buff! TravelLog will make one now!

You! You there! Hold onto this paper and let me inspect your talent!

It grants +0.84 to attributes, which contributes to all other stats! Life would have been so much easier for law compatibility!

For reference, a lower tier paper only gives 0.64 to the attribute. Too bad different tier paper can’t stack anymore.

The best part of this charm, however, is to give yourself free attribute boost on the Core Charm!

Too bad TravelLog already maxed three attributes. It would be better to get more unique boost like Map Travel speed instead.

Alternatively, he can overcome his mental loss from the bad drugs.

Or wear this super mental charm we stole from the rich instead. We could draw this for the core in the future for great mental benefit. This recipe isn’t in our library or Charm law though.

I should had let you do the bad drug sooner.

The last new arts is also one of the best! Everyone should learn it considering how cheap it is.

I forgot about this powerful treasure Mcclay have gotten. Coffee will swap it with the Chaos Ring. :monocle:

This is insanely fast! :aaa: Comparable to visiting cultivation cave!

His state of mind has been stuck at max thanks to that OP charm.

New assignment: Rob whoever have that charm. :arnie:

Ugh… it’s one of these.

Enjoy your vacation here and paint some seaside landscape lovecraftian abstract art.

As for you gymnasts, let’s try something new.

We have reached a point (-700 relationship) where it’s almost impossible to make amend with this sect.

Let’s intrude upon one of their land and wait for the enemy to send in their offering. :clint:

It will take some time for the enemy to arrives. So we will hole up in a random house to wait out the rain.

Here he is with his treasure flying towards…?

The sect master of Hundred Insects Mountain! Is he an illegal entrant too?

Jump em'! Two-pronged attack! :dukedog:

It’s nice to have someone tank for you. :sickos:

No one needs to use berk mode.

Our casual battle attracted a local bear. It's will be dead in two seconds.

The sect master actually lost!?

Most importantly, who is this guy and why is he still alive!? It’s been almost a minute!

Ahh, let’s use a berk mode before that sect master woke up from coma.

Blaze Dragon knocked into Last Breath from tanking. We can revive him after the loot. :zpatriot:

That sect master woke up and tries to heal at the bed. We knock him back to coma and loot everything.

This is the best robbery to date. :mmmsmug:

Blaze Dragon seem to be fine after returning home. This is either a bug or demi-immortal is near impossible to kill.

He is not ‘dead’ anymore, but he will be in coma until we regenerate his body.

Before wasting a precious pill. Let’s see if our limb regen spell will be enough.

This is how Xianxia master deal with life threatening injuries. :science:

Full recovery. :h:

Now onto the loot fest!

Nothing unique, but a bunch of top tier items that will be useful later.

Most notably, everyone will have an easier time for their tribulation while empty-handed.

As for sect relation, Rosy hates us more, and I think Hundred Insects Mountain dislikes us a little bit due to us knocking their sect master into coma.

Rosy Cloud Grotto also dislikes what have occurred with Hundred Insects Mountain. :arnie:

Our ancestors are pleased.

It took a few days, but our shitty plant is finally done digesting the Earth element junk.

… and it shits out garbage. :ironicat:

Alright, fine. How about digesting this treasure? Would you convert it to garbage too?

What exactly do you need to get 5-star bonus? Why am I talking to a plant?

More lootbag!

Right next to our Outers having a life and death battle with a Female Tiger, but enough about them.

It’s time to loot!

I love New Year Present in autumn! :newlol:

Well done, Average! Your luck on this is beyond average! :neckbeard:

Not as impressive. Average luck. :golfclap:

Disappointing. Less dumplings too. :goleft:

Wow! This is world record fast!

Every step is another comprehension towards the truth of Dao. :havlat:

A cakewalk to the next charm drawing! What would you draw next? Or going for certain charm effect?

Sect Map