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by Nyaa

Part 149: Day 446-450: Spring Prep

Five Poison Immortal Slayer:
Pierce Qi defense

It’s pretty ‘cheap’ with our immense wealth, so we will make more if it proves to be as good as it stated.

Twelve Demonic Dust of Cursed Gods: Activates with 12 spirit of Nascent Soul to prevent the usage of an enemy treasure for certain amount of time.

Might be useful against someone with a really powerful treasure. Perhaps an orb from a boss monster.

Bloodied Sword of Celestial Demon: The less healthy the user, the greater the strength of their treasure.

‘Health’ refers physical health and body condition including injuries. Every injured body part and organs contributes damage to the overall HP, and stat penalties. This sword increase its power by 5% for every 1% health the character is missing. Treasure user are glass cannon anyway.

Soul Quenching Orb: Activates with 36 spirit of Nascent Soul. For each slaughter, multiply the strength of the treasure by the same amount until 36x multipliers. This orb returns to slumbers if it can’t feast blood for one day.

This is powerful with a huge startup cost, but killing someone once per day to maintain its effect won’t be a problem. Every treasure user will wield this if it’s as good as it described.

Body Substitute Orb: Shatters to protect the user from death.

It’s cheaper to use revive medicine instead, but there might be time where you want someone to keep fighting. Not really useful for Body Cultivator since they can’t really die.

Divine Star Draining Clip: Transform some inflicted damage into Treasure’s Qi.

Depends on how much percentage of Qi conversion, it could be useless to amazing. Can’t made it without Dragon Tendon.

Divine Scissor of Soul Devour: The more Qi spent while using this treasure, the more powerful it becomes.

Seems like an amazing item for One Treasure Sunflower user. Too bad we don’t have to two Dragon Divine Horn.

Celestial Wolf Needle: Upon activation, this treasure will split into 9 hairline-thin poison needles to strikes at enemy from various angles. (Use in equipment to feed your spiritual blood)

Not sure what exactly spiritual blood mean, hopefully not your Max Hp.

I am still not sure how these ‘accessory’ factor into the treasure mechanic. Does it become a treasure later? Attach to a treasure?

We will test them out once our Metal treasure users reaches their bottleneck.

Interesting timing. We should have two more advance Daoist law to gather, but we need more spellcaster to support our warriors.

I also just realize Wood law might had designed to regularly culls the spellcaster’s Qi to prevent them from nuking everything to pieces.

Arcanuse will go for it. It should be interesting to see how other spellcasting law will deal with their Qi growth.

Don’t forget your pre-combat drugs! Easy win for Nascent Soul are BS.

:hmmyes: a bit more secret arts will be enough to make a perfect rectangle.

The Wood law need not for charisma and potential.

Good Luck. That you have.

What dark arcane law would we get in the hidden basement?

The secret to become a shut-in wizard?

Once again, Nascent Soul is not enough. There’s no way a Golden Core can do it without skill cap breaking and max stat!

Would be great if the law has something to with Array/Formation.

A charisma focused law?

This doesn’t sound magical.

All charm/seduction/mind control ‘invitation/ally’ spells we already have in our library. They are too much trouble to make it work, and we only take goons anyhow.

The rest are scatters pile of supportive secret arts with one unique treasure gimmick at the end. Nothing to empower spellcasting.

It does have this spell that might be powerful?

Also the best spell for Divine (Shendao) Cultivator, but we already have it in our library…

Alright, you two accountants should have decent Char stat.

:hmmno: I don’t think a pampered person would do well with Emotion Severing.

:hmmyes: Yes! You! You are BORN to sever relations!

We will build you a basement filled with games and snacks. Stays in there to build up your anti-social power! :livintrope:

Permanent increase Senses of distrust to the extreme!

… 1.8 gain to Sense. Good enough… good enough.

… we will have Blaze Dragon buff your Char too.

“60 years are nothing, 60 years are nothing…”

Now this is a great result! About 3 points gain!

52% gain in compatibility!

It's a treasure user law? We will see.

Your basement is ready. Quick exit next to our Benception club, free heating from Fire TP, close proximity to Cyflan Trial Gate, and three steps to a delicious pear tree. All representing the four classic human emotion of Pleasure, Anger, Sorrow, and Joy. :gbsmith:

Interestingly enough, we will soon have three Fire law (Sever, Three Sun, Alchemy) practitioner ready for an all-in summer breakthrough. They will no doubt be the most powerful generation with tons of Max Qi.

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