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Part 151: Day 455-455: The Fall Begins

This update might not be canon depending on how well our timeline merge into Full Release Version 1.0.

In the Great Bèn timeline where our greatest Nascent Souls and Demi-God has fallen from a poorly designed Formation...

Money Man and other Outers are in great panic over the sudden loss of our ancestors.

Fortunately, we have the great fail-safe system of reborn pill to keep anyone alive!


Unknownst to the great disaster of the Formation accident where “experimental-explosion is normal”, Coffee wanted to test out his swords against Slaan.

Slaan can be considered to be the second best Body Cultivator in the sect, so it’s reasonable to challenge someone like her.

Ancestor Evil Kit told Coffee to come back after he became demi-god. He doesn’t want to accidently blow up a mountain against an ant.

Knowing how dangerous a Body Cultivator can be, Coffee take on the sniper approach where he fly as far as possible while his swords handle all the heavy work.

Slaan did not expect a single crash against all seven swords could wound her to such extend! She can’t HEAL this injury! (She can after the wound become bigger…?)

Such a devastating result is to be expected. All seven swords of Coffee isn’t some random junk you can find on the market.

On top of those priceless treasure, Coffee is a true practitioner of the Seven Slaughter Swords. He earns his title of Kunlun Sword God fair and square with combat drugs

Dazed from disbelief of her predicament, Slaan decided to stays on the defensive to test her toughness against these swords again.

In Berk Mode! *Scream at mysterious stranger*

In a mere two breaths of time, half a dozen crashes were exchanged between Slaan and these treasures.


Coffee and his treasure is still at full Qi too! He has singlehandedly overturned the perceived standard of useless Daoist in combat!

There’s no other choices! Slaan have to give up her defense and go all out to take down the main target before she gets slice apart like orange!

Pushing a burst of power in the air, Slaan dashes through the gaps of these encircling treasures.

Surprised by the sudden raging charge of Slaan, Coffee hurrily pull back all his treasures like a fish net to tries and entrap her once more.

Through a single punch, Slaan managed to almost shatters Coffee’s Qi shield.

Cold sweat drips from Coffee’s shocked eyes at his barely sustaining Qi shield. If he were to have a bit less Qi, then he would no doubt be in bed for three months.

"Thankfully," He thought, "the worst case of death can be prevented."

Although the treasures are the one crashing with Slaan, Coffee himself is also a sword master who wield a special blade that can pierce through his foe with some effort.

Slaan didn’t expect that simple antique on Coffee's hand can be used with such mastery of slicing water cleanly in half!

Both Coffee and Slaan can only take one more blow before they collapse, but who can have dealt the final strike the fastest?

Knowing the weapon on Coffee’s hand can also be a deadly weapon, Slaan dances away to avoid a direct confrontation.

However, against seven sizzling swords with erratic speed, she doesn’t have time to navigates for a better position to reengage. She have to put everything she have to crash against that sword.

Crashing with all her might, can brute force overcomes the godlike technique of the sword god?

Of course not. Sword God Coffee utilized every understanding of his sword to forcefully deny his fate of certain defeat by dodging the brutish attempt of Slaan’s 95% hit chance!

Gathering every fiber of his strength, Coffee slice his sword diagonally through Slaan’s…

Oh shit.

Phew! She still has a bit left to fully regenerate!

It was a close one, but Coffee feels he can soon take on Evil Kit after getting another power up on his next breakthrough.

It’s probably for the best that none of these treasure taken any of his Qi during the fight.

Around the same period of their battle, Shei-kun rushed to the Dragon Cave in a panic to ask for the revival of Blaze Dragon before he ran out of his last breath.

The other two fallen Inners of non-consequence can be sacrifice if needed.

It’s impossible to outright revive our only Daoist Demi-god who got blown to pieces from a Formation without rare medicine.

The omnipotent dragon can only provide the method of achieving such a feat.

Thankfully, the dragon just need food. Any food.

It’s goddamn freezing in there. He thought winter is over, but now he has to hibernate.

Here, have some newly produced snake egg. Hope it don’t mind semi-cannibalism.

The water snake dragon reveals a place where we can find the secret to live on after death.

TravelLog immediately fly there and hope he can return in time before Blaze Dragon finished his last breath.

In between all these undertaking, Arcanuse returned to his ex-house that was recently assigned to Ancestor Shei-kun, whom have greater seniority to do whatever she wants.

With his not-arthritis eyes, he saw from afar that Coffee seem to be murdering his ex-wife!

Enraged at the assault, Arcanuse send a blast of Qi to push Coffee away from the supposedly corpse of his ex-wife! After all, how can a Treasure Cultivator ever beat a Body Cultivator without defeating her through foul means?

What Arcanuse didn’t expect, however, was Coffee's paper thin Qi Shield that barely kept him alive. With all his treasure shelved, Coffee have to tank this blast with his own.

Somewhat injured by the surprised attack and not died as expected of the script, Coffee reflexively retaliate without holding back.

In shocks of deadly amount of treasures slicing at him, Arcanuse cast another Qi blast in hope of neutralizing the opponent that is clearly suffering from a melting right calf muscle.

Unfortunately, Coffee have spent vast amount of time learning secret arts that increase the speed of his treasure. The blast hardly left his hand before he went down shredded.

Well prepared for the second blast, Coffee slice at the ball of pure Qi to break the award-winning script where he supposed to be in coma or die.

Now that the Ex-husband is down, the current lover will have to stand up for a one-on-one.

IceBlocks waited for Coffee to finish refilling his Qi before going straight for his neck!

The Great Evil King once said to IceBlocks that his honor will get him killed one day.

Unlike the fighting strategy of Slaan and Arcanuse, IceBlocks play the defensive game with his 95% dodge rate.

This bear REALLY lasted a long time with his dodging capability! He practically ran a full circle all over the sect with some stray-stab casualties.

Coffee would be defeated if he ran out of Qi!

Tragically for IceBlocks, elemental injury aren’t as easy to heal as sealing up a wound.

Once again, by the hair of a breath, IceBlocks get send flying and slams onto Herp. Zengetsu also dropped his chopstick in surprise... at a Daoist winning against a Body Cultivator!

The Great Evil King, IceBlocks’ shit-eating brother, decided to defend his brother’s honor! Their brief battle, however, was interrupted due an deadly occurrence during their life and death combat!

TravelLog managed to find the secret art that which can revive the death!

Ancestor Lynneth is well ahead at the village and immediately teleport back with the scroll to Shei-kun.

To her great anger and disgust, Shei-kun realize she has been conned by the dragon! How can stealing Blaze Dragon’s body be considered revival!?

Clouded by her rage, Shei-kun grumbles nearly incoherently to the dragon about the truth of feeding Snake Eggs to it, and it should “stay in its shitty hole forever!”

“Or else Senior Coffee will chop you in half!”

To be Continued