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Amazing Cultivation Simulator

by Nyaa

Part 167: Day 183-188: Gen 2

New plan for this sub-spirits BS. TravelLog won’t bother with it.

Instead of enchanting treasure, we MAKE the best treasures and call it a day.

Better than all these donated junk! Those pitiful next gen can use these trash instead!

Even trashier artifacts with less than 200k Qi will go to the magic trashcan.

Speaking of disposable, our trial for the next generation of recruit are much, much harsher due to my whim our lack of resources and in-progress development of our existing Inners.

Only the best of the crop that we fancy deserve a glace of consideration within this prodigious House of Chun!

People look up to us! We are Honorable! We haven’t robbed anyone, and our guest has a great time with our tea! They love us so much that they donate everything including their clothes to us! :sparkles:

:prepop: ...Wow. You got this on your mortal world Social breakthrough. Right after I brag about our popularity.

Nothing at all for one trip!? Who knew the greatest hurdle to this trial is the pandemic.

Very well. For the sake of your loneliness, we will accept a few laborers disregarding their capability.

Our first recruit is a panda with INT stat! His service ends in 80 days, so he better signs up for the Inner queue before too late.

Next up is a cat with their unfairly high stat. He has 179 days before his internship with us terminates, by heaven. :nsacloud:

A chicken with a near-expiration date of 80 days.

A human that might expire from lifespan.

Who let this 38 days boar in?

I made an exception for accepting frog since Chinely have a frog avatar and applied before the ban. His work efficiency will torment me for the next 399 days.

Another cat with their OP stat for 188 days.

Another human with shorten lifespan.

A great candidate for Body Cultivation. 183 days is more than enough time for this tiger to destroy clouds.

Same for this wolf with 189 days to rip the cloud to shreds.

Finally, Cyflan returns. :member:

Along with her Cursed Pear Soup Recipe. :discourse:

We recreated your old room with a small tweak to prevent heart palpitation.

A protective bow with an arrow to shoot the pain off your heart.

The Pear Soup Curse begins?

Everyone can stays warm together in this low-effort, but high-efficiency room of kinship.

Oh? Sla an got this mysterious-stranger feeling from Cyflan! She believes now is the time to enchant-bless the shit out of her holy panda shit solid!

There’s really no better time than now. Goddamn all these bonus requirements! :argh:

Building lands for people to lives in her golden core tower. :sss:

Who dares to interrupt our God!?

That’s a lot of Outer-murderers.

First Pear Curse trial for every Outer! Hunt and survives this wave of wolves!

Our brave and unfortunate Outer with too much Move Speed will now solo them for a while.

Three more reinforcement is coming from the far side of the map! Do your best to stay alive!

Oh… he dropped it during his coma from his short-term service in our teahouse. :sweatdrop:

He doesn’t need it! Bare tiger claw hunting with raw primal instinct is more than enough against these unawaken animal! :madmax:

Average wisely picked the stray wolf to help The Great Evil King.

Our wiser recruit picked up their bow before coming.

These slow wolf are dead by the time they reach our bow wielder.

Bandaging during battle like a RPG villain.

It’s over. Anti-climatically over.

Knowing there are plenty of Outer ready to lick his boot at home, TravelLog explode in extrovertion. :sympathy: