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Part 168: Day 189-195: Gen 2 Potential

Slaan is done constructing her divine real-estate. State 48 is actually the max breakthrough grade for Shendao Cultivator, so she got the biggest possible soul city.

Just to make sure you know you are addressing God. :fyadride:

Now to fill out this land with loyal souls to toils for their god.

Real estate is extremely expensive and it is worrisome for me to spend it improperly.

That is until I later realized these soul pay taxes and Slaan is a banker sitting in her golden pagoda watching the number goes up faster than stock market. :bitcoin:

Can’t go wrong with more housing.

Next we set up this temple to remote-harvest faith from other cities.

Into the statue you go.

Then she goes hermit somewhere for a few season or Jesus-walk around the world to build up the religion of Grim All Phenomena.


TravelLog breakthrough with his plant-friend. :dbuddy:

Split another 10 string of his soul and starting over his cycle of loneliness.

As for our Seven Swords users who will wield legacy artifacts in the future, they have no difference in their raw stat besides base Qi, so we will proceed with their specialization.

Lynneth will go for raw damage while Coffee turns his artifacts into Flower Bun.

These unbuffed number will keep improving as they obtain more Inspiration to purchase more secret arts to power up indefinitely.

Effectively, we are done raising them as they keep practicing to grind inspiration EXP forever.


Mcclay has long situated into her supportive role of misc. pill slave / first level security guard. She is quite content with skipping her arthritis.

Now I can afford to redirect my sapped attention to raise the next Outer in queue.

Nea is lucky enough to have insane amount of skill cap raising thoughts for variety of Daoist.

Consume the medical essence of your brethren! The power of cannibalism shall cheese you straight into Inner promotion!

Now for you to take this law so you can learn one vital secret art for the sect. The spell to instantly awaken a legacy artifact, bypassing its activation condition. :sax:

Although this isn’t a combat law, its hidden benefit came from the form of various Max Qi improvement arts to compliment Nea’s massive Qi Sense. She might surpass Coffee as the third highest tank in our sect after Flower Bun, and Supreme Sovereign Solemnity Salvation Divine Ruler. :worship:

Moreover, Nea is extremely weak against Wood element energy, so picking a Wood law should lower the odds of tribulation cloud from picking Wood? Either way, she should have enough Qi to rush ascend if necessary.

Next, we need someone to take Seven Swords law to level 3 dips into learning its legacy artifact with all inspiration exp into Artifact Crafting. Coffee and Lynneth simply can’t afford the attainment cost.

The Great Evil King will do. Rush into Primordial Soul, learn and craft 12 of that legacy artifact and he will…

How should I phrase this...

A symbolic leave through the door. :wave:


Dead Meat is still hauling or building relation with various sect. He is our main and primary carrier, but he will join the gym eventually.

Evil Kit have a month left to dump as much essence as he can into his muscle since he can’t train his special technique. He will ascend instead if he can’t shapeshift.

His odds of survival are pretty high.

As for Mr. Prokosch and his awful/useless list of Rabbit techniques, he also pumping everything into muscle while waiting for the Eternal Night weather.

The Great Evil King already become Golden Core and rush cultivating in cave. Everyone knew we aren’t raising him for anything of significant.

Nea is doing well. Looking forward to the big number.

Speaking of big, Flower Bun’s fatness have reach 200%. :dogge:

Let’s see if Nea can overcome this number after being fed so many high grade elixir and gallbladders.

Took two whole hours of prep and medication to rush for the perfect timing of season bonus! She actually has enough Qi to take Sprit Crystal for a third boost to Qi recovery!

Hours well spent. She is ready for Golden Core. :hai:

Rainstorm weather removed two points of Yin Yang, but added four points in exchange. This is the best we can do.

Her score is 100k more than Coffee! :ssj:

Almost 13k more Max Qi than Coffee! :neckbeard:

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